Staking Energi NRG 3.0 - Earning $60 a day, $1,800 a month in Cryptocurrency

How often do you need to rebuild the chain? Once a month, twice a week, etc?

Random really, it’s gotten a lot better over time


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I managed to get a node up and running this weekend on a Raspberry Pi. I rebuilt the database put 250 coins in my wallet and it’s working!

The Energi support was amazing as I had a few challenges getting this working. With so few coins when do you think I’ll likely see my first reward?

I’m hesitant to add more coins until I know this really works with just. Raspberry Pi, I know it should, just want to be 100% sure.

Hello. I have a little question. I had 30 nrg in my wallet and I put them staking. Next day I put another 30 coins in my wallet, but my “attach” console says that my weight is still 30 instead of 60, when I check staking status (“miner.stakingStatus()”). Will it ever sync itself or do I need to something? Is it staking as I have 30 or what? This is really strange.

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I had the same question as @Nele . I made a deposit, it showed up in my wallet, and my weight hasn’t gone up for about half an hour. Time to rebuild the database?

I managed to get my node working. Took about an hour for the coins to show in my wallet each time I transferred some from Kucoin.

After 9 days I got my first reward!

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Cool on the reward!

The place that I didn’t see the coins show up was in the weight value in the staker. My coins showed up fairly quickly in my wallet.

When the coins hit your wallet, did the weight update by itself pretty quickly, or did that take a while too?

is it fully synced?

I believe it was. The staker was running when I deposited more NRG in my wallet.

I had X weight and my wallet went up to Y when I deposited more NRG, but the weight didn’t go up to Y by itself after quite some time (1/2 to 1 hour).

Is there something I need to do in addition, like a command to tell the staker to check my balance again?

I finally ended up bootstrapping the database again, started up the staker, waited for it to catch up, and then my weight finally showed Y.

Looks like I likely wasn’t being patient enough. New NRG “matures” after an hour or so. I’ll see if this happens after I get my first reward. :wink: