Staking not Baking Tezos XTZ with 4% and 6% Interest Rates!

Staking Tezos XTZ with 4% to 6% of Yearly Interest!

We originally staked Tezos XTZ at an interest rate of 4% in the Crypto Earn app which is available to US citizens and many other countries, use our link to get $50 free.

We initially staked 131.66 Tezos XTZ in the Earn App which you can earn $50 for free by using our link! Our initial XTZ stake of 131.66 coins was worth $256.50, and through the course of 90 days we earned 1.719 Tezos XTZ along with our coins rising in value we finished with a value of $441.78 dollars for 131.66 XTZ + 1.719 XTZ earned in interest. Throughout the course of staking Tezos XTZ for three months, we were paid out our interest weekly, like clockwork. We also increased our stake on the CryptoDotCom Earn App, increasing our staking rewards 66% of the way through from 4% to 6% interest on Tezos XTZ staking. We are fortunate that this has been a lucrative endeavor staking our coins to earn more coins AND the coins appreciating in value.


I am trying to get that next tier unlocked, its a hefty investment so I am debating how I want to go about it, but since I intend to stake here long term it is definitely the right move.