Starting a Voskpool?

Is anyone on the forum here interested in teaming up to start a mining pool? Something that could be community governed. Something Vosk would ideally jump in on. Is there any interest in doing something like this?


Sure I am in

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I’d be in

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I’d be game.

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Alright, what coin/coins should we set it up for? Dogecoin and Litecoin is what I’m interested in.

For trial purposes we could even do an altcoin of some kind. Pilot the whole Voskpool idea on something GPU mineable like FIRO. Something smaller with little stake to get all the kinks worked out.


I’m down

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We could create a kda pool.

Also I am a web developer, so I can try creating a POW crypto for gpus and ASICS on its own blockchain.


I like the idea of a KDA pool. However, I would like to stay away from the idea of new tokens and blockchains. I’m more interested in pooling the communities existing resources. ASIC miners, GPU miners, ect. Putting a pool together that’s competitive. Has better rates and returns than existing options in the market.


The current KDA network hashrate as of November 17, 2022 is 207.9 PH/s (207,900 TH/s).

There are three pools over 40 PH/s and one over 20 PH/s.

To achieve a similar hashrate as these existing pools for KDA, 40 PH/s would be equivalent to 241 KA3’s. And 20 PH/s would be equivalent to 121 KA3’s


Since I am in the tech and design field I can make a easy to us website where it can connect to their wallet (to deposit), show hashrate and add more features like solo mining, and etc.

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Also we can make very low fees to beat competition, but still have enough to pay for servers and community giveaways, and maybe even a little profit, or just give it back to the community or donate it to organizations.

Donating it would be awesome, great idea @Spencer_Honald

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@badgerlandcrypto @Spencer_Honald

Yeah, helping people in need would be nice. Also we can add a direct feature to donate.
We can even add some options that allows a portion of what you mine to be donated to a charity of choice. (The percent donated will be determined by the miner).

The transaction to the charity would be direct and easy. (No need for 3rd party)

We can also make pages where it direct people to buy from trusted sites lite bitmain, ipollo, Cryptominer bros, badger land crypto, etc

Later on we can even add mining calculators for gpus, ASICS, and cpus.

Integration of crypto prices, news articles on mining for beginners.

Also the website format will need to be user friendly for all windows, apple user. The design will also be sleek so it will be user friendly, and just be easy to navigate.

What can I do to help? I’m not much of a developer but I can manage the hell out of a project.

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The biggest help would be testing it. Maybe hooking up a asic to it. Seeing if everything functions, and just reporting this that might not work or you think people would like better like light and dark mode and etc.

Also when the pool gets up and running, promoting it to costumers or peers.

We could also keep a very small percentage of pool fees for stuff like advertising on crypto mining websites.

Another thing that could be a help is managing in stuff like communication, reaching out to you tubers about the pool and project. Also if you want to could advertise because I am not the best at that.

Maybe even vosk could mention the pool in a video or two.

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I can manage that! Product Owner in a prior life.

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Sounds good, I will start creating it but it might take 3 months give it take to Finnish it because I don’t have time to create much now because I am in the process of moving again.

Also we need to create a website name/ domain, but if it has the name vosk(coin) we should just get permission first to prevent it from being taken down.

Things take time. Maybe someone else will step up to assist.

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I hope and that would be nice.

No word from Vosk yet. If he’s not on board, definitely cannot use his name. The pool name would have to be something original.

Also, I am completely opposed to the idea of donating to charities through the pool. Charities are polarizing. The pool would be much better off taking as small of a cut as possible. 1% at the most just to maintain the infrastructure. Everything else goes to the miners that make it work. From there, they can decide what to do with their profits, donating to charities included.

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