Starting a Voskpool?

On Github, Search , Mining Pool Websites.
A ton of the leg work exist and is open source. Things like the calculator on “whattomine” are a GitHub opensource program. So much of the Python (or other) web design script already exist.

The even have a turn key download for single crypto web pools (IMO it’s the single most popular design). You pretty much install, edit the domain and address, then upload the code scripts for the algorithm of the crypto you intend to mine.

I don’t know if this fits your goals, or not. But I do feel the pre-compiled web designs for mining pools hosted on GitHub will help a lot. If for anything, just to see what other people do and use.

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I agree with with the open source codes and just build off of that. But somethings will need to be altered or recreated because other soft wear and or programs won’t work with each other.

Also it won’t cost much to run because I already have a server to run it on. The domain and electric consumption and other stuff is not the most.

So we will charge 1% for the pool:

10% of pool will be for contingency funds
50% for up-keeping, software program, money for the electric cost it keeps to run the server
30% for charity
10% for the group and or giveaways

Just to toss out a possible Crypto to team up with. BMB Bamboo.
They are very new. They are a CPU/GPU minable. Lots of Pro’s and Con’s exist to be weight out.

I really like that Dev. As far as a BTC-Maxi, Satoshi would be proud of the goals of his Crypto. He’s a straight shooter, IMO.

Sure we’d all like to be hitting BTC blocks, but being realistic, we’d have to start somewhere and teaming up for a long lasting partnership seems like a good way to go.

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Do you think we should add the feature to mine to charity?


Good idea, I will definitely look into that

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No, I do not think there should be any features other than adding a wallet and letting the miner do its thing. People can do whatever they want with their profits once in their possession including donation to charity.


No. Impossible. Charity sounds all good and noble until the US SEC comes after you for operating a non-profit, while running a for-profit mining pool and not paying taxes. Not to count the slew of international laws.

If this is to open as a licensed business, than yes, Charity could be included. If it opens as a non-National DAO then all tax laws can just be voided and let the legal responsibility fall on the miner themselves.

Anyone who has extra money to give away, is open to taxation.


@Spencer_Honald @Kadiyania

I agree, we will just keep it simple, and easy to use.


For the overall topic, I would like to point out some Pool formats.

So here’s XEQ crypto pool on ,

That is a classic GitHub Mining pool download. Minimal edits. The pool also host numerous pools with this same format.

Here’ s the same Github download/format but custom edited

You can clearly see the simplicity, and then how BMB pool kind of made it look fancier.

Those are singular pools, meaning you get paid what you mine and is generally anonymous as you are only a wallet address.

Then you roll to the multi-pool / multi-payout format. I feel many folks around here are more familiar with this format. These are a little more personal since they require registration (email or whatever)

Example :

And then a slightly different but also multi-pool style :

We can see that a multi-pool mostly works with Algorithms and allocates your mining to the algo they see as most profitable. A singular pool just mines that specific crypto, rain or shine.

I’m just trying to point out examples to narrow our scope.

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Exploring deeper into coins/tokens to mine. I’ve messaged Harold and kind of talked about the secret clubs, deals and friendships in the 'behind the scenes" crypto.

Touching on the specific Scandinavian/Fintech tokens and coins. ERC Foundation loves to buy completely mined Token and Coin lines. This is incorporated into ERC via the EVN and wWrapp technology. So they let a token/coin line get completely mined > drop in value> buy every single one > thus raising the value/market while they have 100% of the assets, effectively ending that market. They then wrap those coin/token and add the locked value to an ERC token line.

So here are some of the crypto’s I mine on the multi-pool
atom (sha256)
Cheetah (sha256)
spaceXpance (sha256)
Fedora (scrypt)
Axe (x11)
Gcoin (scrypt)
Ergon (sha256)
FreeCash (sha256)
Futuro (x11)
Digibyte (scrypt)

We’ve not herd of or seem most of those. But the mining pool mines those based on profits over some big names. Check out That is where the Scandinavian/fintech coins end up at market.

So while a person gets paid out in BTC,ETH or whatever, that is what the pools are actually mining. Blocks per hour, it is more profitable, for the pool to go with smaller unknown crypto’s.

Pools and manufactures are in 100% cahoots. How did f2pool know to open KDA mining pools? How did Goldshell know that the strength of their miner would not destroy the market? And now, How is Bitmain able to release the K7 knowing it will destroy other miners. (simple, because goldshell ain’t shit and Bitmain is.) Kadena will throw Goldshell to the curb for a chance to befriend Bitmain. With Bitmain comes Antpool support.

So a pool does not simply start mining KDA or LTC or BTC, they never break even. But if a partnership to a manufacturer exist, they then pre-mine/test on your pools, causing the pool to receive exponentially more rewards since those miners are above all other miners.

My simple point is, just accepting these big relationships exist, knowing they hate small guys who chip away at their profit. Mining pools, like many businesses, often profit the most when the competitor buys them to shut them off.

I feel/believe a mining pool needs to start by making serious friends. Maybe not powerhouse friends, but loyal ones.

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I’m also super interested. I currently have L7s and a ton of K3 units of which I don’t know where to start pooling with

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K3s on order, not delivered yet for clarification

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Here’s an idea, many members of the community have idle GPU mining rigs. What if this mining pool we put together is for some smaller brand coin such as FIRO.

We make it so only members of the community can join. Try to strike a balance between spreading rewards too thin from overdoing the hashrate and having too little hashrate to where we hit no blocks.

In theory, it should be possible to dominate a smaller GPU mineable coin. There’s no doubt the community has enough hashrate to do it. But at the same time, since we restrict outsiders from joining, the block rewards won’t get spread too thin. Making our GPU mining rigs profitable again


I might be interested however it comes down to profitibility and asic compatibility. I currently have several bitmain l3+ & s17 and innosilicon zmaster a9. None of these are online right now due to lack of sunlight and energy cost and profitibility