** the place to verify if a seller is legit **

We need to talk about this. The sheer amount of scams that are luring these days is simply frightening and every day I read on forums about people who got scammed. Why does that happen? Not because people don’t do their own due dilligence (although still happens), but because there is not a commuity centered on feedback regarding the sellers. This is what I am trying to address.

A little about myself. I have been in the mining industry for almost 3 years now. During this time I have seen it all dealing with asic miner resellers: missing parcels, broken equipment and downright scams (you pay and nothing arrives). My very first attempt to buy my very first asic (refurbished Antminer S9) was greeted with a scam. Website seemed legit, the price was really good, vendor responded to messages and accepted only wire/crypto payment. Paid with crypto, invoice came after a few days, then silence. Tens of messages, emails sent, 2 months elapse, nothing. There is something about the cold hard realisation about being robbed that marks you forever. I was 20 when this happened, those were almost all my money which I worked hard for and I had all the big dreams about becoming a successful financially-independent miner. Then I got hit hard by reality. Looking in hindsight, I can’t answer myself on how I was that stupid. Needless to say I couldn’t give up on my goal. That’s when I started doing VERY thorough research on any reseller that I was interested in. Managed to save up again enough to buy an S9 and contrary to everyone’s advice ordered from what I deemed a reputable seller. Then the rollercoaster of emotions began, this time however, after 10 excruciating days, I get a track ID for my order. After a total of 28 days I finally get my hands to touch an asic that I paid hard-earned money for. Now, almost 3 years ago, I welcomed new partners in my mining endeavour and grew the operation from that single S9 to almost 200 asics mining different coins.

Now getting back to today’s challenges, I noticed that, unfortunately, things have gotten wilder than ever. Miners are more expensive than ever, the opportunities are bigger than ever, yet so is the amount of scams. That’s why, in an effort to raise awareness and build a commuity, I want to announce that I will be starting a subreddit where we will declare if a reseller is legit or not based on community feedback. There will be a weekly updated list of SCAM websites and a general list of LEGIT websites that will be updated every single time a reseller is given the “LEGIT” status by the community. In order for a website to get the “LEGIT” status, members and participants will give their own feedback based on actual encounter and experience dealing with the reseller or hard evidence of their legitimacy. These 2 lists will be pinned so everyone can easily find them.

I know that this is my first day as a VoskCoinTalk member, but I can assure you I have been a longtime subscriber of VoskCoin and I consult this forum quite often. What prompted me to become a member is to make this announcement and also to post the conclusions we have reached on the future subreddit for everyone to see. I approximate a few days until the sub will be completely up and running, I will also post here when it is ready. This post is for raising awareness. I go by the name of Herr_Soldat here, as well as on Reddit. If you have any urgent questions regarding the legitimacy of a reseller, DM me on Reddit as I already have a solid base of what is legit in the industry and what not.

Stay safe kings and be very careful!


in my opinion, I dont give Reddit any credit of a place to get information. I hate google putting Reddit post in my searches because when I click on them they are full of advertisments I could care less about, and back talking kids responding to people.

but, good luck on your quest to police the bad guys. I been fighting them online for … well, since the internet was invented by Al Gore.


I see your point, yeah, it’s full of advertisements on reddit, but any sort of advertisement will be strictly forbidden on the sub.Thing is about reddit, it has a much larger user base, so more people to get the good information to.

I think you should post all legit sites in your first post. And keep doing that when the community finds new legit sites 2 :slight_smile: Great idé btw :slight_smile: do you know where i can buy goldshell kd2 ?? :grinning:

Maybe someone knows anything about this site?

You should post all legit sites here i mean

Check out link below

They let you know what they have found to be reputable. I haven not bought from any of the vendors listed and cannot tell you for certain.

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Got my S19J Pro 104T within a week of full payment. Made a $2200 hold payment just to see if they were legit and didn’t just take my money and run. Kept good communication, even got updated invoice. Once I got the second invoice. Boom, we pulled the trigger wired the other $10,000 and got it the following Friday. time from final payment to Receiving Miner was 7 Days. 5 actual Business days. I will be buying from them again. My S19 is doing great. I have photos of its 24h hash rate. It arrived in perfect condition. I ordered a VOSKCOIN Edition Mini DOGE miner off Ebay and it was supposed to be new. I had to take dudes wallets off the miner. He acted like he didn’t know what I was talking about. Much better service with Tim at East Coast Mining. Thanks again Tim.

Hi, thanks for tuning in. I will also comply a least at tge beginning with all the legit sellers I have personally dealt with. Anyone is welcome to share their experiences.

I most definitely also post here too. It is a lot of work, but I will. Stay safe.

Never heard of them, be very careful. KD2 and KD5 are impossible to find right now. There are a few Hong Kong and Shenzen miner forums (only Chinese spoken) and every single time a miner sells one it is immediately a fight between resellers to buy it. After that, they either sell it themselves or sell them to reputable international resellers, that is why they cost so much, I’ve seen two reseller that have them fir 77k which is nuts. Miners tioically sell them for 48-56k depending on the number of hours they’ve been running for.

Glad it worked for you, however let me tell you this: the only way I have ever purchased equipment after I got scammed is by signing a contract. Forget about the invoice, that means nothing. But a contract of purchase signed by both parties represent legal tender which is serious because it allows you to take legal action in case things go south. If you sign a purchase contract, it doesn’t matter how you pay, you are protected. Every single reseller that respects itself should offer a contract and a retuen/refund policy. It’s common sense really.

That is why I paid with wire transfer. The fiat banks offer fraud protection. Still easy to keep yourself from being scammed. The bank was in America and through the fiat payment way, I was covered. I would not have done it without that option. I will order from Bitmain but anyone out of the country I doubt I will ever buy from them. I do not trust other countries, not that I trust our corrupt system here but, there are safeguards. Stay safe and lets keep this good list going.

Man, I am very glad to hear you take the extra step to be extra safe. That being said, you can STILL be scammed big time even with a domestic wire transfer and STILL be safe with any form of payment AS LONG AS you sign a contract and ask the seller for critical information like the certificate of incorporation, legit sellers have no problem in providing this for customers. I am glad you mentioned Bitmain because the situation right now is sketchy as hell to say the least. Bitmain doesn’t offer a contract, they used to offer wire transfer payment, but from what I’ve been told, no more. Because of the Chinese ban on Crypto transactions, they only accept USDC and USDT now. I can’t tell for sure if it’s 100% true, havent ordered from them for quite some time, but my trusted Hing Kong and Shenzen resellers tell me so. Bitmain is banking on their reputation alone. One more thing, usually US resellers which are legit have very overpriced inventory. Stay safe and ALWAYS ask for contract, brother. Oh btw, Hong Kong resellers are usually the best bet, most of them agree to give info about themselves and offer contract, HK has very strong economic ties with with US. Stay safe my brother and keep that crypto coming!

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my advice is 2 fold

if the price is too good to be true the deal is likely a scam. Ask for references

Secondly, if they only accept crypto there is likely a good reason. Insists on paying US Dollar or a crediti card that offers buyer protection. Another safety measure is to enlist a crypto escrow service.

easy to find em when u know where New KD5 US$68,860 not cheap tho… and this is supplier direct price

Any luck
With that list? Thanks lol

Mate, I already posted the list, check it out on my profile if you can’t find it. Also on reddit at r/LegitASIC

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Sick thanks. I want to buy a miner from AKMINERS. But I dont know if they are legit.
Also I have bought from Casa Miners. My miner arrived 1.5 months later with no firmware update and the support from them was very bad ( for the people who want to buy from them)

Man, if a seller is listed on asicminervalue it doesn’t mean it’s totally scam proof. Ptominerz.com scam comes to mind, listed for a while on amv and then suddenly starting scamming everyone. Caution is advesied with every single vendor, nonmatter how many good reviews thay have. One thing worth mentioning is that every seller should offer a purchase contract. I mean, no way am I going to spend10k+ on gear without signing a contract of sale. Still, there is positive feedback on akminers so, do what you consider best.

Has anyone heard of https://blockcreate.io/?