Thinking of buying used rig 11x580 8gb 1800 euro

im thinking of cashing in my 1000 euro in coins for a rig 11x580 8gb, i have hodl my coins in eth and xrp since around ath a couple of years ago, tired of waiting for the coins to sky rocket, and thought about mining again, any thoughts?

i mined before with 3x1060 3gb sold it when dag file got to big on eth

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if it rx580 nitro 11x make around 6.50eur perday minus electric coast. if you hold eth for couple year hold and more. i hold 1btc i buy when it was 4000usd, his year i sold half buy rx580 end mining btc egain for hold till next run plus some eth also hold i will sell only when 1eth will be minimum 700usd

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It depends on your electric rate. You can look up roughly how much a 580 uses and the estimated profitability for your electric costs. NiceHash and both have calculators that you can use to try to figure out if it’s worth it and roughly how long you might need to make your money back (outside of wild swings in crypto prices/difficulty).

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i went for it and bought the rig , got it for 1700 eur
i have a low energy cost that i have a set price for the next 12 months of 0,05 eur kwh

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11x rx580 use 1774watt from wall,354.978mhs total

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0eur electrict cost= 210-230eur per month on nicehash

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@asle1111 Even at a low electricity cost, it is still a cost and you will want to minimise your power usage. With the RX580s mining Ethash, you can wind the core clock and core voltage right back, tweak up the Memory clock and wind back the memory voltage. Keep working on it and if all goes well, you should be able to run them at over 32Mh/s with a power usage of about 90 watts each.

I’m currently running 12 RX570s and getting 30.5Mh/s on about 86W each (running Claymore’s Dual Miner) so a 580 should be a little better that that.

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my rx580 nitro runing 49c-41%fan,

85w per card 32.225mhs stock core 1180mhz and memory 2180mhz
just core voltage drop to 862mv. underclocked can run 35.652mhz but time to time gpu down and tempereture up to 75c

i run phoenix more stable hash rate of claymore on linux windows max wot i can get is 184-186mhs in total with linux 193-195mhs

little overclocking 201mhs for 6x

That’s interesting because all my 570s run at exactly 1.1Mh/s slower on Phoenix than on Claymore with the same settings on each miner. Also, I’ve never had any hash rate instability with either miner, so not sure what’s doing that for you.

Like you, I can get mine to run at faster hash rates but it’s not worth the extra power cost and crashes. My 570s have been hashing away at 30.6Mh/s for weeks without any problems.

thanks for the tip :smile:

getting the ssd from the seller today, running it now from mem stick on nicehash os currently using 1928w in total , going to tweak when i have the ssd up and running and mining in windows

you need to runing linux not windows as windows slowing down gpu, register to minerstat download mining os burn with rufus to usd and you will have exactly same like my

im runing on linux minerstat mining nicehash it briliant mining os whey have intergrated drivers for rx400-500 version plus amd memory tweak if drivers are correct properly memory tweak runing stable windows have alot bug his is reason why on phoenix you get lower hash here is my worker statistic,one click switch between pool and wallets and remote control you can see in photo runing phoenix latest version and how much mhs in total

plus you need just drop core voltage nothing more. here is my tune of gpus for eth and rvn as you see i dont have underclocked runing stock if i underclocked can run 35mhs but not stable, im waiting 2x mobos h110 and h81 for testing try push more mhs and get to run stable between 90-100watt per card is it will be possible and second think it working just with ubuntu his combinations windows have to much bug

dont runing on windowsyou lost your hash ratio plus profit for set up i can help to set rig it take 5min plus have alot information stat and other stuff remote local control can login to etch rig and monitoring simple set up for cpu mining on nice hash all pool wallet in one page 1 click to swap pool coins wallets auto coin switch fallow profit when i move from windows to minerstat i ear 10eur more. if you have ssd adapter to usb you can flash os in to ssd for faster communication between ssd and gpus

Yeah I’m pretty sure that I’m better off not paying Minerstat to mine on Nicehash when I can do all the optimisation I need in Windows. I’m clearly not missing out on anything when my 570s are running just 1.5Mh/s behind your 580s, for the same power usage and I don’t have to pay Minerstat’s monthly fee.

im not pay montly as 1rig is free

plus is not only about pay windows is bugy keep some time shut down for update and it lost profit im runing minerstat without shut downs non stop, reason of mining minerstat try found how it works, soon i move my rigs to custom build mining os be my shelf

for why runing on begining only with one rig is perfect os plus is not expensive for example if windows shut down to do update almost same money you lost per month what you pay for minerstat, im will keep runing his os as it working auto switch be profit so i can use 1 rig to mining like 2-3 different coins per day without touching rig, plus it very good for testing gpus or tune adjustments also im runing both windows 10 and minerstat like i say with miner stat i get more better profit of windows and i can pay if i need 1.20eur per month as it make still higher profit of windows

Does making adjustments remain on the card or the system? I know if i am running AMD Adrenaline, its saved on my HD, but i see people making settings changes on a test rig, then moving the gpu to their main rig after. Is this done with Afterburner or something?

The reason i ask is that i have an 8 rx580 system with a mining OS stick. It pretty much runs the high watt lower Mhs version.