Trying to DOUBLE MY MONEY with this OLD DeFi Crypto Coin?! šŸ“ˆ

Respect your elders, a cryptocurrency project that has been around for 5 years is actually incredibly old in crypto. This old DeFi coin has some new features though! Like an $8 price floor and 5 exchange listings OTW?! Sub to VoskCoin -

Read our full write-up on Plutus PLU on the VoskCoinTalk cryptocurrency forum here - Trying to double my money with an OLD DeFi Coin?! šŸ“ˆ and their PLU ERC-20 token claim to be one of the oldest DeFi projects around. Plutus PLU already has a VISA debit card that you can sell your cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies and load the card via their app. Plutus is now launching a decentralized exchange, DEX, and centering it around their token PLU. What is super interesting in the short-term is, is the simple fact that this token is currently trading for $6.14 and they are creating a price floor of $8 on their incoming PlutusDEX. This enables easy arbitrage trading gains to be made until that $8 price point is reached. With an $8 price floor and 5 cryptocurrency exchange listings on the way along with 4 more small token sales, one could safely assume this project will at least gain SOME momentum. Either way, we think Plutus PLU already has some really cool features, are continuing to add a lot more, and the price floor along with incoming additional exchange listings have us bullish on this DeFi crypto coin!

Check out Plutus PLU and their token sale here -
Check out the official Plutus PLU website here -

00:00 Intro to how Iā€™m hoping to double my money
01:19 How did we find out about Plutus PLU
01:50 Disclaimer, this is not investment advice!
02:01 What is Plutus PLU token, $8 price floor, PLU visa debit card
02:46 PlutusDEX $8 price floor on PLU into January 2021
03:12 Current price and how much Plutus PLU I have
03:25 Buying Plutus PLU on Uniswap ETH-PLU pair
03:45 Plutus PLU has 5 new cryptocurrency exchange listings soon
04:42 Plutus PLU DeFi cryptocurrency coin review
05:13 Plutus PLU token sale available now
06:03 You can participate in this token sale as a US citizen?!
07:17 Plutus PLU up 700%+ ranked 488 with 5.4m marketcap
08:05 Plutus PLU crypto fiat DEX review
09:39 What is Plutus PLU going to do next?
10:36 Will I actually double my money with this cryptocurrency?
12:23 VoskCoin pixel art outro

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