Upcoming Antminer L7

I’m so tempted to pull the trigger on this:

Someone, please talk me out of it!!! Or maybe not?

But the price tag scares the crap out of me… I know the general rule on crypto investing - it’s all about how much you can afford to lose - and I guess the same goes for the mining setup investment, or does it? My current mining setup will pay for itself in about 5-6 months based on the current prices and I’ve only invested about $2K (using 2 GPUs, goldshell and waiting on Bobcat).

Antminer L7 seems like a whole new level… Am I ready to up my game???

How about some pros and cons from my VoskCoinTalk friends (and maybe the master himself :wink: )?

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I’m stuck on this one too, but by November this bull run could be over or it could just be getting moving…

Don’t forget that if you keep mining till next bull cycle you’ll be in the green for the past months in retrospect.


I bought an S19 Pro 110 T/h about 10 days ago. Based on DHL tracking it’s in Cincinnati and has cleared customs. If all goes well I will but 7 more. I am planning on immersion cooling.

I have done some hobby mining, for me this will no longer be a hobby. This was a decision that came from relocating back to the US after 7 years living in SE Asia.

The other part is how much do you want to invest.

As in most things “most” mining is about scale, meaning the larger the equipment and generally more expensive the more efficient it is.


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I ordered 2 Antminer L7 from Compass, let’s see how this goes! Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: :grin:

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Do you have an estimate of the profitability? I’ve seen some big differences between some pools and calculators like https://www.asicminervalue.com/miners/bitmain/antminer-l7-9-5gh

Hello 3DPrintThings,

According to litecoinpool.org profitability calculator as of this post I am projected to earn right about $265.27/day with LTC being at around $131.13 and $0.0661 USD/kWh to match the aprox that Compass Mining will charge me per month for both L7.

Interesting - thank you for the source. I can’t make sense of where it will land using today’s price - what you show at today’s price of LTC is almost double that of L7 on AsicMinerValue.

Major pools like F2Pool have the L7 at about $32-34/24 hours at current prices:

Is it because they are not taking into account merged mining with DOGE? The closet agreement scenario I could find was Poolin LTC estimates with merged DOGE mining is about $102/24 hours which is close to Asicminervalue of $137/24 hours and finally $127/24 hours by adding LTC and DOGE from https://whattomine.com/

I’m in the market to buy 3-6 units but really want to have a better idea of the mining income (using at least today’s prices).

I also ran the calculator at https://www.litecoinpool.org/calc?hashrate=9500&speedunit=MH%2Fs&difficulty=9213515.3187246&ppsratio=380&price=129.59&currency=USD&power=3425&energycost=0.07 and I’m getting $127/24 hours - which roughly agrees with the Poolin, AMV and WTM estimates:

That sounds about right. The calculations I did was based on 2 L7 instead of 1, and I did it on litecoinpool.org since that is where I will be doing my pool from.

Can’t beat PPS with a 0% Pool Fee with the pool that gives you the most Litecoins by “merge mining” :money_mouth_face: :sunglasses:

Where are you planning to order this L7 from. Im thing about getting one too and want to make sure i buy for a reputable place. im thinking coinminingcentral.com $15,812.95 and Bitmain has them for 12800.00 not. Can someone tell me if bitmain is safe to order through?

I’m getting both Antminer L7 from Compass Mining. They have it at the moment for 14654.62 USDC or $15,092.61 Paying with Credit Card (This price includes the Antminer L7 + Deposit for 1 month(s) + Hosting Prepayment for 1 month(s) at one of their mining farm partners in South Carolina).


oh wow so your not even going to have your miner? They keep it and charge you to run it?

Ah - I missed the fact you are going to run 2 L7s. Thank you for the info - I am looking at Compass as well to host them.

Did you talk to anyone in sales about eventually taking possession of the machines? I saw a Tweet from Compass where if you buy 5 or more then you can have them delivered wherever you like.

Also - do you know what pool they would use (I assume also merged mining)?

I have access to basically the same rate at the proposed SC site - debating on running them myself.

If you go with @coinminingcentral they are legit and helpful. I have purchased several miners from them.

I’m unsure about getting direct from Bitmain. I’ve read mixed reviews on delivery - hard to tell what Is real. Plus you will have to contend with the import duties ordering direct from China (about 25%).

yeah after reading more and seeing what ppl are saying im going to order through coinminingcentral just to be safe

According to their terms and conditions, it’s yours and you own it. Contract is for hosting it with them for a year. After that you need to let them know if u want it sent to you or hosted again.

Those are 100% my own miners, the only difference is that they are colocated in a dedicated mining farm. If for any reason I decided not to keep mining with Compass they will just ship me the miners back to me, and I have to pay for shipment of course. At that point I can choose what I want to do with them, or sell it back to them I choose to.

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I understand everybody has different situation and maybe you can’t have it at your house but if that’s not the case why would I want to pay somebody to host it for me and my missing something here seems like it would cost me more money to have someone else host it?

Residential electric rates are more expensive than industrial rates, so in a way I’m actually saving money since I am getting a cheaper rate with everything included. Plus I could host it in my apartment, if I wanted my landlord to evict me lol.

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gotach, I live in mid america and the electric rates are the cheapest you can get so im happy about that. I just need to find the perfect miner for me.