US GOV conducting Env Impact talks over mining- Is this the beginning of the end?

Gawd I hope not but would love to hear from you on this subject

Some states are already raising the utility rates fir people who are mining, charging a premium for KWH. Solar might be the way to go if you can afford it

I can get a 20k solar system installed w a 300 a month payment nothing down… its like being paid to solar power mine crypto… installers coming next week to site visit


Solar is definitely the way to go if you can make it happen

From experience I can say solar rates are already rising. I put solar on my home last year so it won’t matter except for when my electricity consumption overcomes my solar production…which is about to happen when I set up my garage as an immersion asic farm

Depending on where you live solar can offset the cost of the utility company charging premiums for people who mine. Some counties in New York are already charging extra for residences who are constantly running at high electrical usage, usually caused by running servers or mining equipment. In California I don’t have that worry but that could all change soon

Oh absolutely! I was just pointing out that I’m pretty sure my electric rate went up .06 cents per and I’m pretty sure that’s specifically because I’m on a solar plan meaning I’m pretty sure nobody else’s rate went up that much. As I mentioned it won’t matter until my consumption overcomes my production.

here the utility will pay me for generating and sending to the grid at about 1.5x the cost and use net metering, (they pay me, I get credits, when there’s no solar generated, or more power is consumed, they will deduct from credits, then charge me. I pay about $100 a week currently to our utility, so im happy to do net metering with or without mining, but its certainly an enabling variable, so I think we’ll build up a nice sized farm over time as well… who knows, but I’ll see what happens!

got solar but you need an awful lot to offset what the miners burn through, solar panels are also very seasonal, typically from april to sept.

Very true. And location is a determining factor… my area only sees about 30 days of rain per calendar year, so I’m in an ideal spot for solar. That might not be the case for someone living in Louisiana or somewhere like that

Sounds like FUD. Is there any evidence of them specifically targeting miners’ electric rates?

The power company has a few inputs into how rates are determined: location type, peak vs. non-peak, state regulatory bodies, “market factors”, the usage data that comes from the meter, etc.

How would the electric company be able delineate between mining and HVAC (e.g., air conditioners, dehumidifiers, heat pumps, electric resistive heating, etc.) usage?

yeah i’m in the pac nw and we get about 150 days of sunshine. i got 41 panels and are no where near enough to offset the power consumption of 12 miners. my calculations indicate i’d need about 120 more 425watt panels.

how many miners are you planning on ? for my location, 30 just about covers 1 miner during the summer months