Voskcoin advertising scammers

yesterday i was using one of voskcoins guides to check on my airdrop for zksync and trid to use a new platform he is advertising on this list here

its the 6th link and its a platform called Multichain that has been down for more than 5 days, just collecting people’s money and not updating anyone, you can check on their twitter @MultichainOrg with people mad cause they lost theyre money just like me, i tried to bridge 2 ETH and might not see them again


So to be very clear, VoskCoin did not advertise multichain, we used it months ago, like many others seeking zksync airdrop eligibility and it worked fine then – it does appear they’re having big issues now, I am removing that section from the video to keep people safe and advising everyone TO NOT USE MULTICHAIN.

We never worked with multichain, they didn’t sponsor us, and VoskCoin never promoted nor endorsed multichain.

Hopefully multichain gets their dapp fixed and users receive the funds they are rightfully owed.