VoskCoin Mini Doge Miner by Goldshell - Stock Updates & Batch Information

Generally yes, but I would double check by contacting Goldshell directly, their official email address is hello@goldshell.com

USDC only? Not BTC or other coins?

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Where would I find the latest firmware for one of these? just got 1 from ebay and hope to grab another tomorrow!

nevermind, found it!

What is the link to buy one, I get 404 error from the link

i paid with ethereum before. (maybe not the best idea)
check out there ordering help page they have a few erc20 coins.
also said on twitter a few hours ago they accept doge coin

anybody know what time the miners will be available tomorrow ?


Tomorrow morning EDT

that’s not a time ?

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Any update on the time yet?

That’s what was posted.

Says 11 am EST in the original post

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Think he means EDT.

We have uploaded Goldshell Mini-Doge firmware 2.0.0 and 2.1.2 to our meganz – 2.0.0 is no longer on their github (or never was?) and 2.1.2 is simply uploaded as a backup source.
TLDR if 2.1.2 is not working for you, try 2.0.0 – 2.0.0 and 2.1.2 are the best firmwares in our testing.
Goldshell Mini Doge box miner 2.0.0 original firmware
Goldshell Mini-Doge BOX ASIC miner 2.1.2 updated firmware

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Thanks Vosk for making this happen! Happy to have an ASIC at home now. Mini Doge Success

…and we have now successfully crashed their server :joy:

Got mine! Just keep trying.

I finally got through. Took 40 minutes. Just keep refreshing

Half of Batch 4 has gone live now ~1030 am EST with the Goldshell lunar restock, and the remaining 500 units will be added to the stock when our new Goldshell Mini-Doge miner review goes live today in ~1 hour! There’s still stock right now, don’t delay if you’re interested in buying a VoskCoin Mini D! :rofl:


Anyone who successfully checked out, any word on what the shipping time is like?

We looking a couple months, or weeks?