VoskCoin Solar Powered Crypto Mining Farm Build Plan! ☀️ Input Needed!

Love the channel! Two things: First, a request for those of us that run solar and do not want to pull from the grid, I would like to see a miner build based on maximum efficiency (maybe 2.5kW max).
Second, having recently installed my own 40kW solar system and knowing you need stable power 24/7 I would absolutely do batteries! I built my own 220kWh battery from 12 Nissan Leaf battery packs for about $20k. If you can build a miner, you can build your own power wall for far cheaper than commercial alternatives.


Agreed dude building batteries ant that bad and easy to upgrade when needed. Immersion cooling is also my next upgrade :+1:

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One more idea on the new house, get a heat pump water heater and put your miners in the same room. That will make the water heater super efficient and it kicks out cold air to boot. We went with one of these: https://www.hotwater.com/water-heaters/residential/hybrid-electric-heat-pump/
Saves a huge amount of power!


Don’t forget the windmill…verrrryyy important to max out watts achievable …windmill and solar panels should get you right.

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Hey VoskCoin, first post. I had actually started long term planning a solar farm on a large property inspired from your tour of CrazyDanes farm. I too am from Richmond, VA area and a member of VMSC for autocross in my Mustang. I’d love to learn more from you as I have just started my mining adventure in early December and expecting to scale up very quickly. Currently mining 2x3060 ti, 3x3080, and 2x6800 GPU’s. I’ve got more on order and expect to require electrical upgrades soon.

I own and operate a solar company here in Virginia. We serve the Richmond, Hampton Roads, and Augusta County area. I would love to help in any way I can. Please visit our website at www.xgenpower.com

We are offering a 10% discount on all our systems. Since you are a miner, there could be additional discounts as well.

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I install for $2.25 a watt in fl look up solar tech
I also live offgrid.
If you just want to buy parts i get better rates from my distributor then you get online.
I have a handful of solar videos on my channel
A couple on ground mounts.
Been in solar for 14 years.

My company wholesales crystal storage batteries that can sustain full power off the grid. We have models with varying capacities and a model that’s customizable for commercial use. These are completely renewable energy units that are cost effective and backed by a 10 year warranty. Any excess energy not used is stored for later use. Please let me know if interested and I will send details.

Hydro power on a creek or river flows power always except when water freezes. Not too expensive but I’d imagine getting permits is like pulling gator teeth without anesthesia. You need a 1.5 meter drop or double for 2 turbines. The drop could be natural or made with a backhoe.

I believe this idea created in a stand alone pool with water flowing down through the turbine and pumped back up to flow continuously. With a big pool the water would flow around but part of the water would have to pumped using some of the power to complete the cycle. Maybe several solar panels could power the pumps to startup without the grid and continue the flow. Fill the water with Epson salt to prevent algae & slime growth and no risk of freezing.

The cost of the generator is given as $4300 USD/kW. FAQ - Turbulent Website. Concrete costs are a lot but dyi cuts labor out so
the real queston who makes chinese knockoff because they steal everything except
death and taxes.


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I’ll share 2 nexgen solar technologies, pricey but doable once economies of scale reduce cost as supply demand equilibrium ensues. The 1st is nexgen liquid solar film that I assume could be applied to anything flat so no bulky panels to buy. Great news is liquid solar also collects energy from reflected light and the any light source including man made lighting will produce a lil juice. I see this product becoming popular to place on inside walls to collect energy from interior lighting

2nd solar roof design blends into the community better and are less likely to suffer wind damage plus they can support human weight so that is durability by design but to new to rate. Maybe some cheap vinyl coated plywood to paint and lay down solar film. Solar is gonna go down in price as competition cannibalizes everyone and new tech drops current product prices. All good!!

Hello, I bought 2 of these 450W solar panels

I am building a small startup mining rig with 900W, just because I don’t have enough savings for more.
I have the inverter 4000W Chinese Inverter and one MPPT 60A POWMR.

So my kit is basically:
2 x 450w solar panels


1 x 5000w inverter 24V to 220V

4 x 12V 100Ah Gel Batteries ( connected in series AND parallel to give me 24v 200ah)
I bought also some fusibles for the panels and batteries

I am a learner and I am glad of any highlights or help, because the system arrives in the next 2 days

My farm will start with Laptops and Nvidia 3060 mining ETH with 38MH and using 110w average.

My FARM is actually working fine, but the 4 x 12v Batteries connected in series and parallel doesn’t last too long with the 2 laptops consuming like 400 W in total.

Any guesses how I know the batteries and MPPT is working fine.??

My battery configuration is like this, but all the 12V are 100ah instead of 200ah on this photo

Thank you

Great channel. I’m new to crypto mining and I think your videos have been inspiring and informative. As for solar I just installed a 48 panel system on my house. DIY
I got all black panels. 120 cell polys. 325w
This is a 15.6Kw system. 40 Panels are Canadian solar all black. I got for $182 a year ago. I added 8 this year Trina solar 325 w for $156. Right now I am producing over 100kwh on a good day. 40 of them are on the west. The other 8 are on the south. Obviously the south is a huge increase.
If you can get sun tracking this will increase your efficiency as well.
I am into it about $20k

So here we have net metering. And the power company pay backs are always getting worse. They credit me .09 per kwh.
Then we pay .08 to .14 on the power we take from the electric company. I got grandfathered in at .09 but they have reduced to .05 this year for new customers. So get in while the rates are better. Be great if they paid for over production but they don’t and they wipe out my balance every year.

This partly why I decided to mine so that I am not throwing away my power.

I agree with an earlier post. I would stay away from string inverters. Micro inverters will isolate each panel. On string inverters if one panel goes down the whole string goes down. Same with shading it will bring the whole string down. I assuming with a 100 Acers you won’t have to worry about shading? Also the micro inverters give you information on each individual panel. This way you can see if one panel is under producing. I’m weird I like data.

I used apsystems QS1 inverters. Thes will connect 4 panels to one inverter. But it is still 4 micros in one unit. The wiring is easy. I believe string inverters end up being really high voltage on the DC side which could be a little more dangerous as well.

As for batteries. I have not done yet. The benefit there would be that you can store your solar then use at night. This way you are using less or none of the electric companies power. I would love to go off grid completely but the sun doesn’t shine every day and the winter is really low production.

Hit me up if you have questions. I am a journeyman licensed electrician. Although i work with highseep automation now.

Hope this helps.

As you can see from the image below, i already have one panel that is failing. I don’t know if you would see this with a string inverter.

Hello, I am attempting the same thing on a smaller scale. (building a mining farm) I found cheep land (6200) square feet. I am still debating if its worth it tying this out with such a small amount of land. I found 400 watt pannes for 156. I will put a small structure 120 square feet to house the miners. @Chris_Warren what are your thoughts on this? @VoskCoin do you have connections to get bitcoin miners. The prices for the miners are crazy right now. Or do you plan on GPU mining?

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@Konstantin_Morar I really like my solar so far. But if I had to do it again I would make sure I oversize what I need currently plus 20%. I have a 6200sf house and I am using most of that power. Part of the house is an apartment so it is like 2 households in one. I plan to eventually get a tesla so this will add to my usage and possibly a hot tub down the road. With a lot that size you will probably want to roof mount so you still have some yard to play in. But a big factor is making sure you completely understand how your power company accommodates solar. Some areas of the country are more solar friendly than others. And some have caps on the size of system you can install.
I know Tesla will do a 16kw installation for around 32k before any government incentives. As i mentioned i did mine myself for around 20k. After insensitives i am out of pocket roughly $12,500. I figure my payback is about 6 to 7 years break even. Hope this helps best regards.

Yoooooo, its gonna be awsome

Just got my first 2 rigs online, pulling about 650w for 175M/hs, got more cards on the way and when they’re all running I expect around 1500w. But more rigs and more solar panels will come in as the funds come in and im gonna try to match my solar output as my power draw increases.

I plan on running my entire setup from solar power, building my panel frames by hand with materials sourced from various local places cheaply or even free. They aren’t pretty, but they work, and not only will I be running on 100% green power but my rigs will have the added safety of grid independency as blackouts are very common in my area.

Here’s my rig setup

And here is the start of my solar frames

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Thank you!

I just went solar at my house. I sold off most of my mining equipment to pay for it, but I now have 19.4kw of solar power on my roof here in Virginia. There were a lot of pitfalls to get around in VA. There is a commercial generation license if you exceed 20kw connected to the grid (for Dominion at least), all the local green space, environmental impact, and zoning laws. It took me 6 months from start to finish, with only 4 days of actual install time. I am a trained electrical engineer, and I have a focus on battery technology, but I do not work in that field (retired military), so I am one to do over research and experimentation before jumping into a project. If you would like any input on how, what, and why I went the way I did, please feel free to reach out.

BTW the total cost of my system was 53K and it was paid for with mining equipment and crypto, so I am down to 2 GPU rigs and 4 ASICs, but they are paid for and just printing money for me.

Mining since before MtGox was a thing!

Hey VoskCoin community,

This is a cool project. I’ve been building solar in Illinois for the past 5 years. I’ve worked with string inverters, like CPS, microinverters, like Enphase and SunPower, and they have different pros and cons. I’ve worked the most with Solaredge inverters using optimizers.

The benefits of both microinverters and optimizers are the module level data for the performance of each solar panel and the optimization for shading and mismatch panel production. In a string inverter, the lowest performing solar panel in a string will drop the performance of the entire string to that lowest amp output. This is less of an issue for a ground mount with modules all facing the same direction with easy access to maintain. It makes a huge difference on a house with lots of shade sources and different tilt angles across mixed roof faces.

In my opinion the cost of module level power electronics like optimizers and microinverters isn’t worth it for a ground mount.

We have been installing a lot CPS, Chint Power Systems, Inverters for our commercial projects. Their inverters are all 3 phase, either 120/208 or 277/480 which may be what you are looking for. I did not see if you were running 120/240 or three phase to your property.

An SMA or Fronius inverter may be a better option if you are on 120/240.

Solaredge and enphase are great companies so if you want the module level data, which is pretty awesome, they are both very good. If you wanted to mix match panels as you find good deals you could easily pair panels with pretty different qualities using microinverters or optimizers.

I have seen a lot of slightly damaged modules or even cracked solar panels given away because they can’t be installed. You could put polyurethane on cracked glass modules and give them a second life paired with microinverters.

You can also find very cheap 400 watt modules these days.

I also wanted to recommend you check out EZ Blockchain out of Chicago. They have shipping container units full of miners that they have used to help balance the grid or use waste electricity or flare gas. I’m not a fan of the flare gas but I think its trending in the right direction.

The big picture is to use cryptocurrency and blockchain to build a smart grid that balances renewable energy production with flexible loads depending on the real time costs of electricity.

Also, energy web chain is amazing and doing really great work to advance blockchain energy market applications.

Its a very exciting time!

I’ll be following your progress and wishing you much success.

O one more thing, please check out agrivoltaics and regenerative agriculture. I am so excited for the developments of using sheep to manage the growth of vegetation inside solar arrays and the ability to stack more agricultural yields in the same space.

Pollinator habitat is common to plant inside arrays. Bees are a natural next step. Sheep are kinda next level.

There are so many cool developments with regenerative agriculture and agroforestry right now

Check out the American Solar Grazing Association and the book Restoration Agriculture by Mark Shepard.

Carbon Sequestration inside a solar array power a watt based currency. Freakin awesome


I want to do a smaller scale version on my van, if you need me to test any ideas you may have I would love some design input