VoskCoin Solar Powered Crypto Mining Farm Build Plan! ☀️ Input Needed!

I am a partner in a solar company, hit me up if you got any questions.

I suggest pulling in 480v 3ph and using something like Solar edge 99kw syncro with optimizers. You got good ground so either use helical piles you just screw them in the ground or similar. Build off that, fast and cheep. SE has good 25yr warranty. You’ll want something like a 450w longi panel or the highest wattage you can get in the $.50 a watt or lower, you’ll save a ton on racking and components.

It will be a fun project.

Unsure if 3 phase will be an option for me, this power company is fucking miserable to try and deal with.

Did you have any zoning issues with the county in trying to set this up?

3 phase power, and Industrial use power billing rates are typically determined by peak load and power factor. Single phase Residential power has that and many other billing opportunities such as time of day use and Low seasonal rates.

Talking a megawatt though, you would want 3 phase power. A typical 4160/13,800 VAC to 480 VAC transformer though is over 3 MVA in size. Smaller 480 VAC to 120/208 transformers in the range of 30-45 KVA are typically attached to individual breakers on 480 Volt panels supplied by the transformer and they feed your 120/208 volt panels.

Motors are a big reason 3 phase power would be expensive because they have high starting current and poor power factor. Mining RIGS however are different. They can startup slow (one DAG at a time) so peak load wouldn’t be a factor. They also have great power factor … Platinum Plus/Titanium … so billing rates would be among the best. It’s that BIG MVA transformer and running in the lines that would be expensive.

Solar inverters come in both single and 3 phase models, so that’s not an issue as long as you buy the right type. You should probably use a general contractor for solar equipment to get quotes on that 3 phase system. Anyone setting up a solar farm whose size is around 1 MW should use a Solar contractor for many reasons including Cost, Permits, Insurance, etc.

So, to answer your question, Have a Solar Contractor Design & Permit your Solar Farm. They will have more pull with the power company.!

Hope this helps … and 10 seconds with Tails …

You will save a ton of you can get 3 phase. On wire, inverters, optimizers ect.

Check with your local codes, if you don’t need panel level rapid shutdown or rapid shutdown at all you can forgo panel level monitoring and just do large and long high voltage strings like 1,000-1,500 volt. Generally with ground mounts you don’t need rapid shutdown, that could shave another 10-15% then you could use any commercial inverter and save 50-70 per panel not using optimizers

For a system that size doing high voltage and 3 phase would be 20-35% cheaper if not more then single phase.

And yah, I have said it before, understand your commercial bill on the mining side. You may have low rate but extremely high demand charge. Luckily mining has a very steady demand so it’s easy to calculate and know ahead of time.


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