Want to build my first Mining rig

Hi. I want to build my own rig.
Just wanted to know if 4gb cards are still worth it or if I should rather start with 6gb cards?

Also, what would be the most cost effective, yet efficient Cpu to use, Intel or AMD.

Thanks in advance


I wouldn’t even consider buying 4GB cards right now. Go with 6 or 8GB cards. Most mining motherboards are LGA 1151 so a cheap Celeron like a G3930 is what I normally use. Unless you are planning to mine with the CPU, you don’t need anything fancy. You should be able to get a mining motherboard like an H110 Pro BTC+ and a G3930 for around $100 total.


For me I would not buy any GPU with less than 6GB. Should be able to find some deals on the H110 pro BTC+ mobo. I would try to save up a little to get processors worth mining on versus the cost saving route… I have a bunch of G3900 that were cheap but I would much rather have the something that can hash better for CPU mining. Check out my how to set up the ASRock H110 Pro BTC + in an open air frame with a 750W EVGA PSU. You can at least see the mobo @Scoobylaw and I are talking about. I do also have the G3900 processor on the mobo. I have purchased the H110 Pro BTC + any where from $45.00 new in box to $199.00+ new in box to as low as $15.00 used. Sometimes you can find a MOBO / CPU combo.


i got 2 h110 and both have proble with 16x pci slot jumping mhs from 32-24mhs any idea


@Asiukas6 I have found and heard of issues of some of them just having issues with certain slots. Some people complain of issues with every other slot. I had 1 that no matter what GPU we put in after 3 were online we would lose about 2 to 4 MH/s.

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Maybe your PCIE link state power management isn’t disabled in Windows or you could try switching the primary graphics to Onboard instead of PCIE in the BIOS. I leave mine set to Onboard because Teamviewer will drop the hashrate on the primary GPU otherwise.


im not use teamvewier or monitor. bios are set to onboard video monitor use if i need do some changes

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all 12 gpu runing fine only last 13 jumping and no different i use 1gpu or 13gpu. i unplugged 16x slot runing only 12gpu for now

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im try tomorrow linux to see or it same problem. so i do test today on linux both h110 first with usb stick second m.2 sata. result no more jumping mhs no matter use 1 gpu or 13 gpu runing all stabil so problem is windows as i can confirm ubuntu runing well. my setup: 2x rig identical same h110 pro btc,4gb ram,g3900 cpu,6x rx580 but first use usb stick second m.2 runing 12h without any hash droping


glad to hear! thank you for the update!

i can give more details it was use ubuntu 18.04.4 lts, drivers amd 19.30-934563, for nvidia 440.82 and usb stick 3.0 16gb, m2 ssd 32gb.his driver support any nvidia gtx,rtx amd rx400/rx500 series plus vii gpus fallow my testing etch gpu increase between 1-1.5mhs per card compare windows 31.221mhs to linux 32.661. good luck if any one use linux


How to build it up completely ? anybody want to share build for mining rig.

what you mean completely build? you have rig? or you need to know with parts you need?

Is it due to the hashpower of 4gb cards or are they not profitable?

I have to saphire 8gbRX570 and 2 EVGA 6gb Gtx1060. Will they run on the same rig?

The mobo I was going to get was Asus B250 with up to 13 gpus as well as a celeron G4900 cpu. What do you think?

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im not really like b250 but yes is working you can see instruction how to combinate amd with nvidia on b250

any way it working for all mobos mix gpus

I’ll see what else I can find. I was looking at getting the rig running and if need be upgrading parts.

4gb still profitable but not so long as will be dag issue and no more mining on eth you can mine not profitable coins only soon

try to look h81 pro btc or h110 pro btc it much better of asus h81 6gpu h110 13gpu