Want to get started crypto ming and need help

I want to get started crypto mining and need some guidance as to what to buy and whats most profitable

It’s pretty hard to get too seriously into mining right now, stuff is very expensive and pretty much out of stock everywhere. But, if you have a semi-decent graphics cards you can really just use that to do some GPU mining. You can look a NiceHash to see the profitability mining (rough estimate) with your electric for whatever you have.

There is a very good start here :
Building a GPU Mining Rig for $1,000 in 2020 - BUILD LIST!
But we are in 2021 so it’s no longer 1000$, but more likely 1600$.
As of today, it’s generating 2.4$/day per gpu in ETH…but who knows how the future will be with mining ETH
Anyway it’s an easy build and worse case it can easily turn in a very good office Pc.

4gb cards are a thing of the past if you want to mine ETH, the dag file is just too big, the next cards to go will be 6gb’s but that won’t happen for a while. Now that’s not saying you can’t mine with a 4gb card. You just can’t mine eth. ETC is a good alternative and so is ravencoin however ravencoin is down right now. There’s a nice little perk with mining ETC with 4gb cards. You get roughly the same hash rate mining ETC as the cards 6-8gb counterpart mining ETH. And in about the same time it takes the 4gb card to mine 90 ETC the 6-8gb card will have mined roughly 1 ETH and looking at prices as I’m typing this, you’ll mine more monetary value in ETC than you would in ETH, and with a gpu thats almost half the price, but also bear in mind, the value of ETH is backed by its numerous use cases where as ETC value is purely speculative (basically what everyone thinks it’s worth)

1eth = 2512.72
90etc = 2945.88

How much would it cost to build a rig for mining etc with a decent return

Holy Crap. It is hard to believe ETC is even at $32. I remember before the ETH Bull when I was mining it, it was only like $4.

I just bought a 3rd 4gb rx570 for $247.98 shipped and after tax (top gpu)

If you buy smart and build a 6 gpu rig you could probably do it for $3k or less and that’s putting a max price of $300 per gpu shipped and after tax.

And what hashrate would 6 cards like that get mining etc

If you tune to get 28mhs @ 68watts for each gpu you’d be looking at 168mhs @ 408watts but a lot of people can fine tune them to hit 30mhs per card

just plugged in the info for ravencoin and compared it with my data and playing it conservatively

right now mining ETC and RVN is about dead even, keep in mind this is with the data i know I have and dialed it back a little because not everyones equipment mines the same