We Earned $9,000 in CRYPTOCURRENCY?! How?! Komodo Notary Node Review

It’s not easy to earn $9,000 dollars, especially in cryptocurrency! Let’s review how we earned $9,000 dollars in cryptocurrency coins running a crypto node! Subscribe to VoskCoin for more! http://voskco.in/Sub

Read our full write-up and review on how we became a Komodo KMD notary node operator earning over $9,000 dollars a year in Komodo KMD crypto coins AND how you can pursue it too! If you want to that is…

VoskCoin originally ran for a Komodo KMD notary node in 2018, when Komodo was still a GPU mineable cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, we were not elected that year, so we ran again in 2019 and we WERE elected to become a Komodo KMD notary node operator. Notary nodes ARE NOT masternodes, and these KMD nodes are nothing like normal cryptocurrency nodes, they are MUCH more involved. Operating a KMD notary node is not like adding another form of passive income in cryptocurrency, it is more like adding another job to your life. This video is to serve as my honest experience and review of Komodo KMD, running in their election process, and what it is like operating a notary node. This video is not meant to inform you if you should buy Komodo KMD or not, and to be clear you cannot simply buy into notary node earnings! Anyway, here’s our review on what is was like for VoskCoin to lose, and then win an election spot, for a Komodo KMD notary node!

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