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Welcome to VoskCoinTalk the official VoskCoin community forum! This will become the BEST cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoin, and/or blockchain forum ever! Eventually at least… Please introduce yourself, make yourself at home, and stay awhile!


Hi from Ireland.
Very new to this with some miners purchased and on the way. I knew nothing “still dont” about mining untill I came across your videos on youtube.
I admire the way you risked a whole lot to get going. Not many willing to do that.
Anyway I hope to read and learn here. Thanks for the Forum !


Howdy from the United States!

New miner here. I woke up two days ago with no knowledge on crypto or mining. A voskcoin video popped up on my youtube recommended and I fell down the crypto rabbit hole.

Next thing I know I’ve got all the hardware on its way to my house to build a solid rig.

Looking forward to being part of this community, gaining some knowledge, and hopefully some profits as well!


Saying hello from Scotland. :wave:


haha that’s absolutely awesome, you should post a build thread and document what you’re using and a bit on the process – would be super fun to follow along


Thanks for joining :smiley:

& thank you I appreciate that, it has definitely been a crazy journey. What miners are on the way to you? Post some pictures / a thread here when they get in!

hey @oorWullie welcome aboard and happy to have ya, super cool how global cryptocurrency and the VoskCoin community is!


Sure thing! I’m almost done with the build but ran into a few compatibility issues. I’m waiting on some parts so this will be a perfect time to share. As a complete noob to crypto/mining, and honestly not knowing anything about building PCs, having to figure out all the issues I encountered was a huge learning experience. I’ll post a thread this week with some media attachments to share my experience. Will definitely help anyone who started from zero like me :sweat_smile:


Hello from Samui!
Happy to join this forum.
Open for collaboration in GPU and ASIC mining


Hello my name is Dejan and I am from North Macedonia, GPU miner for a few years now.
I heave learned so much from Vosk and Greer, thank you guys, keep up the good work!
Vosk I have seen all of your videos :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is Robin and I have been watching your YouTube channel for a while. Thank you for helping me get into mining. Looking forward to being apart of the community!


Hey Robin :wave: thanks for joining VoskCoinTalk and also supporting us on YouTube for awhile :smiley: happy to have ya here


I am n0d3z, a GPU Ethereum miner, from South Florida.

I’ve been patiently building and upgrading my rigs since late 2016.

Currently hashing at 677.65 MH/s at miningpoolhub.
I am using Windows 10 (RedTeam) and SMOS (GreenTeam)
Current config:
Power = 2x EVGA 1600 T2 & 1x 1000 P2
MB = 2x ASUS B250 Mining Expert with Core i7-7700 and 16GB Ram
Red Team = 3x AMD Radeon VII & 5x Sapphire RX580s nitro+
Green Team = 8x EVGA 1070ti SC Hybrid
Storage = 1TB HDD & 3 TB HDD & 8GB USB

Glad to be a part of the VoskCoinTalk community!
If I can help anyone with the things I’ve learned along the way, just reach out, and I’ll do my best to assist you. :grinning:


Man, I completely missed the introduce yourself thread :open_mouth:

I’ve been going by InvestYG (or, InvestYGator) on most crypto places. I’ve been interested in crypto for about the last two years and ran across Vosk’s channel around that time. Tales really hooked me, because who doesn’t love a doge :smiley:

Only tried to do a tiny bit of mining, with hardware that isn’t really good for it. Done some stuff with proof of stake coins, and a bit of trading, but that’s about it. Thinking about trying to maybe give proof a work a try this year though!


This rig looks awesome… what I hope to have one day if GPU mining sticks around for the long haul. Love the fume hood btw :rofl:


Reading this has become part of my morning ritual. I like when there’s lots to read.!


Please am new here,what is this forum all about. Am happy to be here.


Hello. I’m Erick aka FistofAres in some of the games I play. I Have always been interested in crypto. In fact I had a half a bitcoin @ $600 then of course after I sold it (for half of $680) it went on that 20k run… I live in Florida and have a couple solar panels on the way that should reduce my power bill a few bucks and started thinking if it worked and if I installed more solar and saved more what could I do with the extra power (selling back to grid is not feasable as they want $1k to sign up and replace the meter) so I though what about some crypto mining? I’m trying some hybrid device-cpu/cloudmining software ($1 a day) atm and was poking around for more info when I found vosks youtube and have watched many vids. I enjoy your straight up commentary and passion for the field. Once I see what my upcoming solar
does and If I can reasonably scale it I may get more serious about hardware mining. My local electric is about $.11 and I dont have a huge bankroll so we will see what happens. Thanks for the forum!



Hi, I am @neuronull. I’m a systems software engineer. My interest in cryptocurrencies started in 2016. I invested in BTC and got into some CPU mining projects with gridcoin for ~6 months but other life events drew me away from it. Fast forward four years and I’m just now getting into GPU mining. I realize I may have missed the boat but it is still exciting to me. I’m building a rig now. The VoskCoin youtube channel has provided some much appreciated and valuable content. Thanks for the that and happy to be here.


Hi from Belgium. Thank you for the platform and all the great info. Thumbs up!


Please, am new here,I watched it in YouTube, but wasn’t clear to me,how can we earn money here, from what I watched in YouTube.