What a joke: big lie

Why delete my post because ur beloved Aaron is a flat out liar? Let me ask you something, if I ask you 5 consecutive days if you are certain you are paying this Friday (the date the buyer set) and you assure me with 100% certainty, are sent the invoice that you asked for; and than don’t pay… are you in the wrong or not ? Callling me a scam and this and that openly and publicly yet are threatening me with “defamation” lawsuits. Pay your tab please so i can put your doubts to sleep and so the combined 180-200k that is held up over ur non payment can be sorted for the greater good. Nice seeing you tonight. Pay me.

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What post was deleted? I don’t do purchases or sales like that, but I kind of find it weird one item would hold up an entire 200k of equipment…but again, I’m not in that world. Can’t you just cancel one piece of equipment and keep going? If not, count it as a loss and just don’t do business with that person anymore…lesson learned

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Unfortunately once we committed they gave away another 30k, obviously they don’t have the units to sell to recoup it so in their eyes they will sell the a10 and keep the money, when they sell the l7 they will refund for the a10. I hate this shit as much as anyone. But again I disclosed all of this and it should be adhered to. This wasn’t a surprise, payment was due on a date set by them; the date set mind you left over 2 weeks till the invoiced “deadline” for the a10. I need a solution not only for him but for myself. Shitty, I just don’t comprehend assuring me numerous times and setting the date to pay me only to drag me without merit, block me, threaten me etc. like why you mad bro ? Cause you lied ? I don’t get it

I’ve got no idea what is going on here…


If they gave away another 30k once you committed that is their problem. If they don’t have the money to recoup then that’s on them not you. I would hate to be in that situation, but again why are you on here…this is so scammy, show the deleted posts with scam and defamation. This seems really made up in my opinion…

What? Let me try to be more clear. Aaron sets the date he is going to pay my source/ or me. He assured me 5 straight days and based off how rhings had gone thus far meant there was not going to be an issue, so I finally locked in the date of Friday with the source (like he chose himself) to be the date that he would pay them/ me. 33k to them 9 to me; or 42 to me and me 33 to them… mind you again the details and dynamics of the process etc were clearly and cleanly laid out on many many occasions to avoid something of this nature: I relay the info due to his certainty and they float the $ to do right by me/him, they were expecting it back the date that we were told he would pay. The problem is now until the balance is zero with the source i/ we get nothing. This was discussed, again not a surprise nor an attempt; as he put it, “of holding the a10 ransom” very notably as well was the delievery time on a10 still had over 2 weeks on it before expiration. Idk wtf I seek, I guess him to pay to help one another. Or someone else on the off chance of a hero emerging for us. Idc if it comes off “desperate” cause matter of fac, I am. I need my $ back out of the things I paid for as does He for what he paid for. I’m not trying to go fight in court like morons when theirs a very reasonable fix considering the situation between us from start till now.

If anyone else is curious on this story… this is a cross post of this same story GPU posted couple days ago

Sorry it was no where to be found until I went to my activity,.