What did you do today crypto related? ๐Ÿš€

What did you do today crypto related? Me? I am stoked because I am finally h

ashing Bitcoin for the first time FINALLY at the new VoskCoin mining farm 3.0!!!


NOTHING I HAVE DONE NOTHING. besides creepin on voskcoin forum.

Same, i watched your video and wish for more thatโ€™s it lol, i need the defi stuff

Bolted a steel plate + rubber mat to my container along with the wall mounts for 2 of my lithium batteries, need to do the other side and give the mats a wipe down but now an L7 isnt showing a hash board so I need to go trouble shoot that.


Watched your video on being a full time miner repairman. Surprisingly insightful. Especially now that the company he was working for is bankrupt.

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I got a server setup on my farm with a virtual PC so I can remote in from home. I setup the foreman software and got all the miners listed.

Meeting with an investor tomorrow to hopefully buy four containers and increase our capacity by 800+.


Iโ€™m in the process of building my Flux Fractus and chia farming combined server with Proxmox.


share some pics!

what did you find insightful about it?

well damn, solid day, what remote software are you using and what about software for miner management?

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Working on a top 5 miners under $3000 video, pulling data itโ€™s cool to see the evergreen miners go up in profitability (vs the past year trend ofโ€ฆ downโ€ฆ with miners lol)

Shameless plug hereโ€™s the VoskCoin evergreen link and use code VOSKCOIN to save money if you grab an evergreen chia miner :smiley:

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It was only four years ago when you filmed that interview and all the equipment discussed is now ancient history. I mean, you guys were talking about S9โ€™s and that company had shelf after shelf full of them. And now, those things are paperweightsโ€ฆ Just makes me question when I buy an ASIC miner how long itโ€™ll really be pulling $30 a day.

Placed another order on miners got a total of 3-K7 on the way and a HS3 to add on with the fleet I got hosted with @AdamMoyers,

Check out @AdamMoyers for any availability for your hosting needs/wants


Iโ€™m currently using Microsoft remote desktop to access the virtual windows PC on the server.

Iโ€™m using foreman.mn as management software and Iโ€™m about to test krater.io to see what I like best. I already know Iโ€™ll be sticking with foreman until krater add the site map function.

We started a year ago in a closed beauty shop with 2 S19s. We moved to an empty office building and currently have 100 various miners there. We partnered with another group to manage their operations and have 430 in that site filling up a 40ft and 20ft container. We are about to add our own 20ft Antbox there to give us another 207 capacity. Iโ€™m in talks with an investor to put 4 Antboxes and a 3MW transformer on his property. I love this and it all got started by talking withy buddy @MrMike1992 and finding your YouTube and this forum.


Mate that is beautiful what an awesome setup I am happy for you! Nice work

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Yeah buddy! @AdamMoyers

We learned ALOT and experienced a lot in 1 year of starting this together starting from my spare office room with KD boxes to far bigger power hungry machines and learned a lot about electrical. I of course learned a very hard way from the garage panel experience :flushed::man_facepalming:t4::sweat_smile:

Ready to see how mining will continue as we take on for growth

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Another day, and some more proof of workโ€ฆ

Itโ€™s not the most glorious starlink deployment at the VoskCoin mining farm right now, but internet is online! The electricity is hot, and so are these Bitcoin miners! #btc


Had an article published today!


Wait, are you for real about DOGE switching to POS?

I donโ€™t think it will. And I donโ€™t think it changes. Just a fun โ€œwhat ifโ€