What did you do today crypto related? 🚀


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Today I searched for ways to reduce noise, found both a solution on the Exhaust side and a solution on the Intake side, both links are posted in the thread I started looking for a solution to my heat problem, “Best way to get air flow up first to 132,000 BTUs and eventually 264,000 BTU equivalent flow rate? - #18 by craigcoin”.

Also started gathering instrumentation…long way to go here if I have to work up my own solution.

Today I got a 2 week time frame estimate when my intake awnings manufacuring process will be completed.

Also added information on the Exhaust Tunnel and Intake noise reduction techniques to the contractor whom is providing the estimate to do the work for me.

Perhaps I will have all my ASIC miners running in 3 weeks…I can only hope.


Exciting Update: One Week Since Launch and the Engagement is Off the Charts!

Today’s exactly one week since the Miningwatchdog Marketplace went live, and the response has been phenomenal. According to Google Analytics, we’ve experienced a staggering 487% increase in traffic since the launch. What’s even more incredible is that we haven’t started our internal or external marketing campaigns yet. We’re holding off until all our first batch sellers have registered, ensuring they can fully benefit from our extensive marketing efforts.

Sellers from China Japan etc are already taking advantage, @ShredZ you mentioned you were curious to see if anyone would purchase our Gold plan, It has already been purchased twice within the space of a Week.
Additionally @ShredZ, After a few meetings with the legal team, we were able to relax our KYC policy for Individual/Private Sellers like yourself. Now you just need to provide proof of ownership of your products that will be listed on Miningwatchdog Marketplace, An invoice, receipt of purchase or a purchase order would do.
Also, our marketing team worked on the commission rates a bit for private/individual sellers like yourself, Go ahead and check it out, We are looking forward to welcoming you to miningwatchdog Marketplace. We only hope you would be kind enough to invite private sellers like yourself after you’ve had a taste of Miningwatchdog Marketplace’s Awesomeness! :grin:

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I have signed up to check it out. I am interested in selling second hand gear I have. From what I understand your commission is cheaper than eBay’s and I’ve heard lots of sellers getting scammed with eBay. With all that said, I’m probably not going to sell anything worth more than $300 so if anything does go wrong I won’t be too upset.

@ShredZ that’s fine, Unlike other platforms like eBay, which often prioritize buyers at the expense of sellers, the Miningwatchdog Marketplace is committed to ensuring that both buyers and sellers are satisfied and treated fairly.

If you have already signed up, our compliance team is diligently processing your registration. Please keep an eye on your email for a ticket from our team with further instructions.

@ShredZ Good day,

This is a gentle reminder to complete your account registration with us to get you all set up :grin: