What would be the best use for $50k in terms of passive income with cryptocurrency?

Hi everyone,

I am new to the community and wanted to say hello to everyone. I am just curious but what would you say would be the best way of earning passive income with $50k in terms of cryptocurrency?

Would you stake the money in NRG? Use Crypto[.]com Earn? Or what exactly?

I am curious to see what everyone says!

if you invest 50kusd in nrg you will earn around 1300usd per month

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What are your expected or hopeful returns, aside from coins potentially appreciating, is there a certain dollar amount per day / % you’re hoping to achieve?

I’d recommend using the CryptoCom app first, and seeing if these are the returns you’re looking for or if you’re looking to go even more aggressive


Yes, I was totally thinking about NRG, but then again, it’s NRG. It’s quite risky and doesn’t have a lot of volume (since it’s only on Kucoin). I don’t know if I could really sleep well at night owning that much NRG especially when it could drop 10 - 20% in a day.

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Hi @VoskCoin

Great channel - thanks for replying man! I was actually planning on putting a big chunk of money into USDC (stable coin) and using cryptocom and staking it (earning around 12% a year).

12% is totally a good percentage and I’m more than happy with it. However, I was wondering if there’s any better or more lucrative opportunities out there that you would suggest.

Thanks so much in advance!

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Well personally Stablecoin is definitely going to generate the most likely return since it matches the dollar and doesn’t drift, as far as lucrative options there are plenty but they come with great risk as well. I was checking out crypto.com and I like the fact that you can stake any coin nearly for the return of profit so it’s a pretty good choice and likely a safer alternative for a chunk of money that size.

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We have had a good chat about BTC being traded on yoyr behalve.
Mirror Trading

I agree with Vosk on Crypto.com. I haven’t personally staked on Crypto.com yet, but have staked NRG for over 2yrs. and it is a pain running the node. The returns are not at all sent on any type of reoccurring time frame and very random. I recently transferred the NRG from the Gen3 wallet and it took 4 days for the funds to be confirmed, so if you need the money in a hurry it ain’t happening. Once the funds hit Kucoin there are no issues. You can stake for 3 month terms on Cryptocom and see how it works out. You can also try Celsius Network which states 10-11% returns for loaning your BTC. I think Cyrptocom is the best option! Please tell us how it works out! Good luck!