Where can I find a GOOD Repair shop?

Can anyone suggest a ‘Good’ repair shop?

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Any good techs in western Montana? Bigskyasics is looking to hire someone skilled. Since no one can find a shop that’s legit or actually picks up the phone. We’re just going to start our own.

I have 6 l3+ hash boards in need of tlc. several other boards pending. the issues range from not being detected, high hw error rate, no temp reporting, or won’t run at factory speed.

If you need a customer I got the boards to keep you busy

That’s what I figure, so much demand out there and no one to meet it. I’m afraid Montana might be a bit too secluded to find someone skilled enough.

Have you tried reaching out to a technical college? There are a couple here in Houston and I spoke with a client that is a retired Air Force electronics technician and he is familiar with ASIC chips and he said anyone that is properly trained can work on pretty much anything if they understand circuits, soldering and how to protect equipment from electrostatic discharge. I’m sure it’s not quite that basic but they are not that much different than any other computer. They perform a very specific function which I would think would actually make them easier to understand and repair for a properly trained technician.

yeah a lot of flaky repair shops out there. I can name a few to avoid if any one is interested.
I’d do it my self but lack good vision and tool set. there are several u-tube videos and it looks pretty straight forward.