Where to buy ASIC miners

These are hard to find and a lot of scam sites out there. What are the best sites to currently buy ASIC miners shipped to the US.


take a look at ali baba but try and find a seller with good ratings and with some of their trusted seller designations

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I am with you, been scammed too many times. Even on Alibaba you can get scammed, make sure if you do use Alibaba use trade assurance. Let me know where???

Also take credit cards


Thanks, will check it out

I tried with this seller on Ali - the listing quoted $2700 to $2900, get a quote and she came back with $8200. was this your experience or did the 16 days make them change their mind on their cost?

Here’s the response I got from them… Seems like the Ali sellers are scamming now.

It’s pointless to buy from them with a 443 day ROI.

Yeah, this is how the Alibaba game works. It boiled my blood too when I first encountered it. It almost seemed like false advertising or bait n switch. However, we can’t do anything to change it. They put the ads up and forget about them. But, their prices can vary day by day or weekly.
The way to play the game is to

  1. find a company that has been around for a long time and has a good reputation Gold/Trade Assurance/Reviews etc

  2. Send them a message asking for a complete price list of all their new and used ASIC Miners

They will usually then send you a list with their prices for that day. These can differ wildly from the prices on the glossy adverts. These are just sales reps and they don’t care. At least not for small fry like me.

If you do decide to buy, always ask them to make a video of the units with your name and date on them that shows it working. They will do this if they are any good. I always pay with a Visa or Mastercard via Alibaba

It can be hit or miss with Alibaba. I have had some good experiences and also some frustrating ones.

well beware of APEXTO though. I tried to buy a miner there, but the seller won’t accept payment from alibaba, she told me to pay directly to their bank account. in the end I’m not buying any miner until now :(. still looking for a legit seller…

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I have had positive experiences. I have dealt with Zoe Zhou at the same aforementioned company and have had no problems. Although the seller demanding no payment via alibaba can just be reported if it’s true then it will all be logged. You still can make screenshots of the chat, right?
They have been around over 10 years, will send you a video and the units have always arrived in good condition and full working order.

Remember, these are sales reps. They probably get paid different commission amounts for payment types. Bulk buyers will be paying via TT/bank transfer anyway as there is a $50,000 cap on card payments.

Just politely decline her suggestion and pay via Alibaba however you choose. They don’t get to decide how you pay. On the alibaba payment form just select Card. If you use a credit card you probably get extra protection too. For me there is a 2% handling fee for card payments which im fine with.

It costs any company money to accept card payments and it is most likely less commission for her (despite the handling fee). Like with any sales rep, car, real estate, persian rugs… they have an agenda: commission.
However, you are the one in control when you fill in the alibaba payment form. They are one of the better companies on Alibaba in my opinion but, your mileage may vary. Hope this helps


I came across a lady on you tube from Sourcing Warriors that gave a tutorial on how to search for suppliers on Alibaba. I tried it out for my t-shirt sourcing and it worked out nicely. Have not tried it with miners. Check out the video How To Find The Best Suppliers On Alibaba | Alibaba Sourcing Hacks For Amazon FBA 👈 - YouTube

Has anyone tried out the vendor list on asicminervalue.com?

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Im a noob here and am in process of buying a miner still hvnt figured out which wd be the best deal keeping in view a good ROI so cn u share whuch one u bought, its profitability? And are u satisfied by its progress? And any idea on the life of asic miner?

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Spend the money and go to @coinminingcentral.com. Stress free and never ever a doubt that my machines will arrive!! I have placed 8 orders with them in the last 8 weeks and they were flawless!!!
Hope this helps ease your anxiety.
I like the Goldshell models. They mine a fair amount of money and you can basically swap out for any coin you want to mine on the exchange’s. Good luck to you✌🏼


What machines did you buy? They are sold out of Ethereum machines. I want to make my first purchase and appreciate any insight. Thanks

Wow, between the cost of the miners and the current coin values, breakeven on any of the miners is a long way away.

I just ran the numbers on the https://coinminingcentral.com/products/goldshell-kda-box-kadena-home-miner-1600-gh-s that’s showing a price of 2,972.58 USD and using https://whattomine.com/miners?cost=0.15 with a power cost of 0.15 USD/kWh, it shows earning (net of power costs) 4.68 USD/day.

Breakeven is 635.167 days out, or 1.75 years.

It might be an interesting proposition if I could make 10% over and above the cost of the miner in a year (~3270 USD total) at current coin prices, but that would mean the miner would have to earn $8.96/day net of power.

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That box is a novelty!! Its meant to be cute not profitable. Run the numbers on the KD5 and see if you feel that way>

True, I just can’t justify 15k USD for a miner, and that’s the issue for me. It’s a personal thing. Not saying it won’t ROI, but, let’s just say I’ve seen a few crypto disasters since late 2011, back when Bitcoin FPGAs were coming out of hiding, but GPUs still made good money mining Bitcoin.

Plus don’t forget, with exchanges everywhere you can basically mine any coin you want to with any machine. That’s what I love about crypto. So for me it almost always comes down to numbers. Good luck no matter what you choose to do. :v:t3:


This is going to be a bit long and perhaps not a new story, So Like many other ppl on here ( as I have read) I am a complete noooowbee… 1 month ago could not tell you what a Hash was nor a miner … have been doing my research and and now I have an idea. But again like most looking for a reputable seller of ASIC miners…
I am going to “pull the trigger” on using Alibaba, but will see if they let my Agent in China come and do a QC. If anyone is interested, I will update what happens
Stay safe and thank you all for great tips and advise

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