Would you be interested in a Rak V2 Greenspot VoskCoin edition miner by MNTD?!

this should be a easy Yes for everyone here lol Ill take as many as i can get up to 10 units.

So… 480+ replies… how many Greenspots came out of this thread so far?

Yes of course.

Yes definitely!
1-2 (gold) green
ASAP-half a year

Give me that greenspot baybayyy!!!

I would purchase 2+ can pay up front U.S. Version

Id buy for sure. Have purchased on the last 2 did of theirs. At the very least I would know that I’d get the miners. Still waiting around for the synchrobit voskcoin editions :joy:

I would def like one

I’ll take up to ten to start; more later if the price is right.

None yet, but Vosk said he’s in talks now.

I’m game for 2!

I would buy a few!

Yes, interested AU Region(AU915) Brazil.

In for 2

Take 2, US 915.


Tell Rak that you have say 200 or whatever the number of units that people want. Take down the email addresses and tell Rak to only sell to those addresses. This way we all get what we ordered and it’s easy on you.

Thanks, John

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yes …ill take 20 to 100

Id love even one but 2 or 3 would be perfect. Oregon

Need two to replace my syncrob.it’s I’m still waiting on. Have two prime locations.

Yes Eu version pls :pray: