Would you be interested in an Official VoskCoin Exchange?!

Potential to bring a VoskCoin Exchange to market

Hey everyone! Brynn here from the VoskCoin team. We would like to gauge interest from the community regarding launching a VoskCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange. The exchange would be built on the FTX Whitelabel API as VoskCoin is always looking to grow and provide the best resources to our community! Because of the FTX infrastructure it will use, it will be extremely reliable and trustworthy. If you would be interested in using an exchange in support of the VoskCoin brand, please let us know through the poll below!

  • Yes, I would love to use that!
  • It depends on the quality of the exchange
  • No, I don’t really want another exchange

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If you would like more information regarding this, please check this video, in which Vosk mentions it.

This could definitely be a great step forward for all of us in the community! Thanks for the continued support & love! :rocket:


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