Would you buy a KD6 now KDA is down?

I’m thinking about buying a KD6, but the value of Kadena is down, would you buy one if you had the funds, or do you think it’s too big of a risk?
I am unable to work due to medical reasons, but I just inherited enough to afford to order one, but it would clear me out.
Should I?
Would you?

You should do some research and decide if you believe in this project or another. There are plenty of projects to invest in, but you need to decide what you think may be worth it. There is no crystal ball, it could go up or down, Crypto is volatile…don’t forget to add in electric costs to your numbers. Look at your break even costs and then realize they can go one way or the other by a lot. Kadena was almost $30.00, but now below $10.00. It could pump again or dump more…nobody can tell you which way to go on your investments. Buying a miner is a long term investment in my eyes, it may not pay off for years, but the hope is we make some money…


Thanks for the reply, Chsear.
I’ve done some research, but I aren’t an expert on crypto, I ordered 3 Nebra Helium hotspots in April, which still haven’t arrived, so I have yet to do any mining.
Kadena does look like a very promising crypto project, but I am in turmoil, because its a 1 shot deal for me, as I don’t have any other funds, and I would be heartbroken if I lost the only chunk of money I have ever owned.
It’s a hard call!

For the same amount you can pull in almost as much BTC with several S19s.

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I’ll have to do some calculations and see how it works out for me, but my electricity is 17 pence per kwh, which is around 24 cents US.
Thanks for the suggestion Winston :+1:

Hmmm, I know that BTC will bounce back, but I’ve just taken a screenshot of Asic miner value, and it isn’t great at the moment with my high electric costs.
See what you think?

Hi Electricbloke
I would definitely go for KD 6 because its the number 1 miner for mining KADENA . its mining over 20 KDA a day @current price £4.77 with your electric cost £10.73 a day giving you a profit £85 a day thats £2550 a month.If you look in the list of miners out there none of them generate this kind of income.Looks like you are in UK I am in Chigwell Essex if you want a chat 07787 343139 Manjit. The price of Kadena in November was nearly 20 Quid and KD 6 was generating nearly mining 800 Kadena a month @ that price you you was looking income of £15600.At that rate you would have broke even in 2 months and in profit. All this up and down in the markets happens all the time sell high accumulate when its down.Also in time to come Kadena will be in every small business and every household and the price will sky rocket its not a Finical Advice but its something I believe in amongst other millions of Kadenaers.Please be very careful when you order your KD6 there are lot of SCAMMERS buy direct from Goldshell.


Thanks for the reply, SinghisKing.
Great info! Yes, I’m in the UK.
Do you know what the import duty is like if I buy from Goldshell? I was thinking about buying from asicminer marketplace in the UK, but they are £44k. I would buy direct from Goldshell if I could make a saving though.
Thanks again.

Hi Electricbloke
I think import duty rate is 15% to 30% depending on the value of the item.KD6 direct from Goldshell is £28000 and Goldshell do offer to make invoice for lower amount . Call me anytime 07787 343139 I will explain you in detail.So don’t buy from reseller you are going to pay all most double price. Asicmarketplace is not uk based they are in Hong Kong look at their price 44K thats already 16K above Goldshell price even if you pay 30% duty on Goldshell price you still save your self £8k call me I cant explain here you will save lot of money with which you can get
another miner which can mine two coins at same time and don’t think I get any commission from Goldshell or a scammer, just trying to help out. Thank you .

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I got it wrong, I meant “Coin mining Central” in the UK, I’ve been looking at so much stuff that I got mixed up.

After listening to you though, I will try my best to to buy direct from Goldshell!
I kind of thought I would feel more secure buying it in the UK, especially not knowing what the import duty would be on a nearly £30k item!?

I really appreciate your input, SinghisKing!
Thank you very much! :pray:
Btw, I will keep your number if you don’t mind :+1:

You are Welcome .All you do is go to https://www.goldshell.com don’t do from search engine Google etc register with Goldshell with your email create a account every now then they going to send you email offer to purchase and they only take payments in crypto.You can click on support its got all the info and also payment test link where you send them a small payment to confirm. That £44 K price is including the import duty and their profit of £8 K with Goldshell inc tax you pay £36400 and with coin ming central the miner is still be coming from Goldshell Via Hong Kong they are also based there but showing based in UK Borehamwood they are just middlemen can you Trust them with 44K paid upfront. With Goldshell at least you are dealing direct and you pay in stages.As to making savings txt me to my number for the guide thank you

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With your electricity cost, you should just buy miners from compass mining and have them manage your machines. It is much cheaper and profitable for you


Determine your income and savings strategy. I do not know your financial situation.
If you work, is it enough to support your day-to-day needs or will you need some from your Crypto?
Once you determine your monthly savings goal, constant use of “What to Mine” or “Miner Stat” and “Asic Miner Value” with reality checks of course can give you an idea of miner profitability over various models.

Your lifestyle boundaries… An industrial ASIC can be loud, needs clean air, and creates heat so the environment is important.

After these considerations and research, as a previous poster said… Make sure you believe in the coin you are mining. If you do not, but must have that machine that is what exchanges are for I suppose.

When I started I did not seriously believe in cryptocurrency. So I immediately turned it into something I did believe in… Cash, Gold etc. Over time I believe more in crypto, so more of it gets Hodled.

I built an 8 GPU rig that made @500 a month on Raven, then bought 3 Avalon 1246 83Th machines.
Since then I sold 2 Avalons, I am one of many waiting on the L7, ordered through BigSkyAsics. I am not a fan of Bitmain lately.
My income goal was $3600 a month after this acquisition, of course the coins are down so I have to ride it out. This is my first crypto winter, many pull their coins out mid Nov and put them back in while in a dip I understand.

Literally the most exciting journey I have ever been on.


What GPU are you running? I’m thinking about starting, but GPU prices are insane.

I can sell you my complete GPU rig which has only been mining a couple months… I have 8 3060 GPU cards.

I would rather buy the coin instead of buying KD6 at the moment. If you’re looking to generate passive income, there are other miners you can go with at the moment.


No point in buying kd6 now and receiving it in April. Buy coin, sell just before April if it has gone up and buy the miner if you still want it. (Keep the change and thank me later) :wink:

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Great reply, LuckyGunner91!
I don’t work due to medical reasons, so I am used to living on a pittance. I have just received a Helium hotspot, and I have another 2 coming when Nebra get their act together. I’m also looking to get a MXC miner, and PlanetWatch type 1.
As far as the noise goes from a asic miner, I have a cellar, and I had in mind that I’d build a soundproof box to put the miner in. My house is quite cold here in Yorkshire, England, so I thought that the heat might help warm up the house, and cut down on my gas bill in the colder seasons.
I had intended to build a GPU mining rig, but since profitability has dropped, and Eth 2 is on the horizon, that idea is on the back burner for now,… Maybe at some point though, just to mine up and coming coins that I believe in.

I’m looking at everything at the moment, and there are some pretty interesting projects that I’m interested in.
I think I will still get a KD6 if I can buy direct from Goldshell, then I know that I can at least re-sell if things start looking shady later down the line. I won’t pay reseller prices for one though.
Thanks for your input :+1:

Hi Bhobbs1. I’m holding back on gpu mining, what with Eth 2 on the horizon, and gpu prices starting to drop. I’m thinking that I’ll hang back and grab some bargains later.
Thanks for the offer though :ok_hand: