XRP is DEAD?! Ripple XRP DUMPING?! Buy the dip? Price Prediction!

XRP is DUMPING but why?! Ripple XRP is supposed to be the new standard, and go to $589 per coin?! Let’s review why the SEC is suing Ripple XRP and if you should buy or sell along with an XRP price prediction!
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Ripple XRP which has been the third largest cryptocurrency when ranked by coin marketcap for years has finally fallen into the fourth spot after a MASSIVE sell off – but why? It’s due to the fact that the Securities and Exchange Commission the SEC are suing Ripple XRP for being an unregistered security. The price is DUMPING, so will XRP ever recover, is this a classic buy the dip investing opportunity or is XRP dead? Let’s review Ripple XRP and everything that’s going on with XRP along with an XRP price prediction! Can Ripple XRP still go to $589 per coin?!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 XRP is DEAD?! Ripple XRP DUMPING?! Buy the dip? Price Prediction!
01:02 Breaking news - XRP is dumping!
01:43 Stardew Valley update - Do you game?
02:31 Intro & Sponsor
03:28 XRP & XLM have dropped like crazy
04:53 Ledger hack risks
05:08 VoskCoin is hiring!
06:07 XRP price prediction
07:04 Vitalik speaks about the XRP situation
08:01 Ripple’s rebuttal is ridiculous
08:35 Difference between cryptocurrency vs digital currency
09:30 XRP vs BTC?
11:31 Energi NRG and their 3.0 blockchain!
12:20 XRP Price movements
13:32 Performance of XRP vs Top 10 Cryptos
14:28 SEC is suing Ripple
15:01 XRP is being delisted from exchanges!
15:50 Buying XRP now is a ticket for the Titanic
16:48 Institutions are selling their XRP
17:34 What do I think about XRP’s future?
18:26 What are your thoughts on XRP?

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