Ledger Leak - WERE YOU IMPACTED? Find out here

Ledger Data breach impacts THOUSANDS of buyers

Blockquote A database containing the personal information of over 270,000 Ledger customers has been published on RaidForums, a marketplace for buying, selling, and sharing hacked information.

The above quote and screenshot sourced from The Block.

Unfortunately, it’s extremely dangerous to have your personal information exposed, especially when it relates to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because criminals may assume you have a lot of money – putting you and your family at risk. There is also the incredibly dangerous risk once your personal phone number is revealed, to be the target of sim swapping attacks to gain access to your funds secured with mobile phone 2fa.

Due to legal risk, I cannot simply share the data breach file, but we do have a copy of it because it has leaked throughout the dark web – you’re welcome to simply search for it, it’s not that hard to find.

However, if you’re worried or wondering if you are impacted and want to know if that’s true as well as what data of yours is leaked, simply reply here asking us to check via your email associated with your account on VoskCoinTalk or share any private data we could use to check the list to @MissVosk

Again I’d rather just share the list with you and you search yourself, but we are concerned of the legal risk of sharing .25 MILLION buyers data.

Watch the VoskCoin livestream covering the Ledger Hack

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could someone check my email?

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Could you check my email pls?

could i get mine checked as well? actually got a email from ledger saying i got hacked, but no spam emails yet.

Your email is not on the hacked subscriber list or the Ledger orders list @Cryo

@perceptionengine your email is on their hacked subscriber list, but no personal data on the Ledger orders list

I’m sorry @tct88 your email is on the hacked email list, and your personal information is breached in the Ledger order history.

Thanks for taking the time to check for me

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Hi. Could you check my email please.

If you could please check mine. Got the Ledger Email, and a spam email already. Just wanted to see the total severity of the info that’s been accessed. Thank you!

Could you check my email please

Hi! Please check my email for a breach. Thank’s.

You can check to see if you’re on the list here https://haveibeenpwned.com it will not tell you what information is in the list, only that you are on the list.

Could you check my email, please? BTW your YouTube channel is awesome!

Is it worth changing your phone number if you’ve been affected by the hack?

@voskcoin upload it to the cloud and share the link here

Or else I will do it when I get time, I have to search for the database

This was so bunk, I just got a Nano X and a Nano S and literally the next day this info came out. It was a pretty huge letdown for sure.

Checked the “didigetpwned” site and it said I hadn’t been compromised, but if you have the time, another confirmation would be mynt. Thanks for your work man!

are you checking the email registered to this voskcoin account? my ledger is to my other email address on yahoo and I have been getting a ton of ledger spoof emails. I prob missed the real one warning me about the breach.

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I may have been impacted. Any chance you could check my email?

H there - thanks for your efforts. My email is different from this account. How do I message you?

Hi Vosk, thanks for helping us check! Would be great if you could check if my email that’s registered to this forum account is on the list. Thanks again!

thanks mate, gonna change all my passwords and email linked to ledger and have to change my number to be 1005 safe :frowning: