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Same here

you could try submitting w/ any identity document, but again you are giving up your privacy doing this and subjecting yourself to potential identity theft.

Try with this one bean


Heโ€™s not kidding, Greerso definitely won the internet today :laughing:


Wellโ€ฆ guess ill try my luck on the refund, staked 5 eth about an hour after vosk dropped the video. Blacking out all of my personal and since I dont have a passport ill be using my New York State ID. Will update if I get anything or not.

Hey, Vosk. Have you looked at YFL yet? They are gonna launch their AMM in the next few days called LINKSWAP. Currently being audited by Quantstamp. The team is making an announcement on the launch on Wednesday (Oct 28th).

Key features of this AMM

  • RugLock: contract prevents listed tokens from being rugged
  • SlipLock: protection from those โ€œvampire botsโ€

They will also offer rewards for staking YFL on the platform.

More info on the project here:
Blog posts:
Telegram announcement channel:
Info on staking rewards:

Iโ€™m not surprised you canโ€™t pronounce my user name. It is a villain from a Dragon Quest 8, my favorite games series. LOL

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Anyone in Canada try to get a refund yet using a driverโ€™s license or passport? If so did it work? I do not have a US passport.

Anyone having this error pop up when submitting your refund? I have trued Chrome, Firefox, and metamask mobile. Also tried jpeg and png.

always wanted to try dragon quest, they have a cool custom switch lol

I have a backlog of games I need to play that Iโ€™ve bought, this is one I want to add to that backlog eventually :smiley: lol

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Attaching random screenshot of YouTube comments below

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Long time lurker, but wanted to share my experience.

Yesterday afternoon, I uploaded my passport (with blacked out personal info), selfie, amount staked, date, and last 4 of wallet and have not yet received anything.

How long did it take everyone to get their ETH back into their wallet? Does anyone worry about their wallet being compromised in any way?

Been 3 days, still no sign of a refundโ€ฆguess ill keep waiting lol

Just chiming in also - sent in my heavily anonymized request for my refund and Iโ€™m still waiting.

what did you black out?

I canโ€™t get the page to show anything about getting a refund, my wallet is connected. Any tips about this?

never got refunded GG

Anyone else get their refund? Day 3 for me since submitting pic of heavily blacked out passport and selfie.

Iโ€™m on day 6, no refund