DeFi Yield Farm Promises 408% Daily? APY Center CAPY REFUND?!

This new Decentralized Finance DeFi yield farming platform Yield Global is promising 408% daily – is that even possible?! APY Center is actually REFUNDING some people their Ethereum staked for CAPY! Sub to VoskCoin -

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Decentralized Finance, the DeFi side of crypto shows no signs in slowing down. Numerous projects are eager to become the next hot DeFi coin, or yield farming platform, and Yield Global aims to be the next popular DeFi destination with their YIELD staking. Astonishingly, trustworthy members of our community are reporting that they have actually received a refund from APY Center, receiving ALL of the Ethereum they staked for CAPY coin which completely tanked in price on Uniswap – unfortunately, we did not turn $350 into $100,000 that day, but it was a very educational experience in DeFi crypto and investing. Let’s review Yield Global, update on Apy Center APYC CAPY, and touch on how to setup Metamask behind a VPN using Opera as well as and Debank DeFi tools!

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