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Let’s trade these insane DeFi crypto tokens

Uniswap… Liquidity Provider Tokens (LP Tokens)… Yield farming… Decentralized Finance aka DeFi and the associated DeFi tokens have been absolutely insane this yield, offering the absolute best and unreal returns… as well as losses. Let’s keep this thread updated with the top coins we are trading, and the best tips and tricks to getting involved with DeFi coins AND staying profitable!

First things first, a lot of this revolves around Uniswap or a variation of it. If you have used Uniswap in the past, you may even have free UNI tokens you can claim here.

To get involved you’ll need a browser-based Ethereum wallet, the most common way is to use MetaMask on the Chrome browser. Brave is a Chrome fork, and has this functionality built-in, along with ad-blockers, we use and enjoy both. You can download the Brave browser here and support VoskCoin.

You’ll have to go through the basic and quick setup process, it also supports using a hardware wallet with it, which is pretty awesome. We will create a written and video guide on that later.

Using Uniswap is pretty simple and straight forward, again we will update with a specific written and video guide on this at a later date.

This first post will function as a frequently updated guidepost, and the rest of this thread will hold additional tips, tricks, and what coins we are all researching and interacting with!

High risk… high reward?? No Reward

Final APY Center CAPY update – Refund??

They are offering a refund, we are not recommending this or endorsing this. The summary is that if you upload a selfie holding your passport and a note with current date, staked ETH amount, and the last four symbols of your wallet used for staking – they claim they will refund you.

Seems like a scam right? Well numerous trustworthy community members have already been refunded, it is recommended that you black out all of your personal information in the selfie. @Dhoulmagus did this and still received his refund.

To be honest, this is astonishing, proceed at your own risk if you personally want to.

Here is another person that staked their Ethereum on APY Center into CAPY, they staked 0.5 ETH, and they uploaded their information for the refund and received their 0.5 ETH back.

According to Crypto Twitter Will Shahda is the creator of APY.Center / APY.Finance

DeFi sure is weird.

Edit update ~72 hours after launch

The best way to learn, is first hand, and that’s exactly why I just said I’m going to give this risky DeFi coin a spin.

I just want to let you know that this is incredibly risky, I’m not promoting this, I’m not recomending this, I would never put anything in here that you don’t expect to ever see again. Quoted from the original video upload based on a time-locked DeFi coin.

I wasn’t kidding when I said don’t do this and let me try it out for fun, so for anyone that is victimizing themselves and blaming me, stop. I shared my Ethereum address 0x6D386BFd17c1F37AE21b389245AFBD7D40fe8940 I was using from the start too, you can check the address on the blockchain to verify for yourself. That’s the beauty of blockchain.

Anyway let’s summarize what happened and why this was a fat loss!

Fully realizing everything after the fact led to a lot of discoveries and realizing now that I had probably lost at the time of my stake to begin with – but I did not realize it yet. APYC/CAPY is a fork of Orb

It appears that anything with a lockup period is going to be an absolute dump once that initial lockup period expires, this isn’t particularly surprising and as I shared in my initial video I was planning to take these “unreal” profits when I was able to do so. So whoever got in first, well they did take those profits and realize gains of ~$200,000 worth of Ethereum.

When I staked into APYC/CAPY, my initial ETH was turned into 50% ETH and 50% CAPY (bought in at an absurd and basically inflated price point of ~$20k a coin) – this is why when the price collapses, my initial 50% in CAPY basically becomes worthless. This is one of the main lessons learned.

Here is something that freaking astonished me, the staking rewards ARE DYNAMIC?! whereas I would have naturally assumed they were static and as my staking reward coin quantity increased, I thought that was essentially set in stone.
“Your balance is based on the ethTimeCalc and earnCalc functions in the smart contract, so earned rewards are dynamic and not static.” This explains from a coding point of view why my staked earnings along with many others have diminished, and in this case… significantly.

The realized loss also revolves partially around impermanent loss, here’s an awesome write-up and video suggested to me by @greer

Here’s an ELI5 via Reddit via @greer explaining impermanent loss on Uniswap

In uniswap you put in 50:50 of two tokens at the current market rate. When you withdraw you get 50:50 of each token at the new market rate.
If that results in a loss it’s called impermanent loss because if you wait long enough the fees earned should catch up to any losses, thus “impermanent”. Although, depending on the ratio, pool volume, waiting long enough could be waiting years so watch out. Providing liquidity on uniswap is still a risk!

Ultimately I managed to recover about 0.4 ETH of my initial 1 ETH deposit, realizing a ~60% loss.
If you’re looking for the links to remove your uniswap pool liquidity and swap CAPY for ETH I pasted them below.

Below is the original (v2) post for reference and relevant links

We’ve decided to jump or “ape” into the newest DeFi token to launch based around staking or yield farming or liquidity mining or whatever term people are using for this stuff. This is the riskiest side of the wild, wild, west that is cryptocurrency. Currently is promising a modest interest rate of 1,416,360%. We only discovered this new DeFi coin because they contacted us prior to launching the contract to review, which enabled us to participate on day one of the launch, lowering the risk factor.

Long story short I’m risking 1 Ethereum currently worth about $345 to earn 1,416,360% interest
This is all taking place on, if you want to support us recording super funny and risky ventures then if you choose to do this at your own super risk, use our link!

It’s likely I will never see this Ethereum/money invested ever again.
However, I could also earn the easiest $20,000+ dollars ever lol :man_facepalming:

Here’s a screenshot of the total value locked and the interest rate on my initial CAPY stake

Here’s the transaction associated with from my Metamask.

15 minutes later, it claims I’ve earned $243 lol

About two hours later my ~$350 of Ethereum is now valued at about $3,700 lol, this is one of the craziest things I have ever witnessed first hand. Who actually thinks I’ll be able to get all of this money out? The total value locked is currently at ~$280,000.

When could I realize my potential INSANE DeFi yield farming liquidity providing profits?! or losses… That would be in about 3 days, so yes, it is confirmed that is timelocking your rewards for 3 days, and in the DeFi crypto space, that is a very long time.

The associated Ethereum staking and token addresses for CAPY APY.Center


There’s some pretty interesting information they shared with me regarding their staking protocol, and that is every time you stake … the timelock on your reward withdrawals are *RESET. This is part of a document that they shared with me, stating exactly this.
Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 1.39.54 PM

You can add liquidity to their Uniswap v2 pool directly, this will only reward you with the standard share of the pool swap fees and not the additional staking rewards awarded via their actual website.
Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 1.41.02 PM

An interesting note when reviewing their code on Etherscan is this “makeUnchangeable()”, basically this is a smart-contract and code is law! Read DeFi Yield’s full tweet analysis here.

You can view the CAPY Ethereum ERC-20 token on Ethplorer.

I decided to buy 0.1 ETH worth of CAPY directly on Uniswap, you can view the token pairing here. I purchased this at approximately $27,500 per CAPY so I could potentially double my Ethereum and pay the associated high ETH transaction fees at a price of $60,000 per CAPY. This is a way to participate in this token without receiving the bonus staking rewards and the 72-hour lockup period.

About 4 hours later they claim I have turned my 1 ETH ($350) into a whopping $4,900. I still have 68 hours to go before possible withdrawal though! :laughing:

EDIT re-wrote the original post

You can view the entire original post in the edit history of this post if you’d like. To summarize they had a bug in their code, and re-deployed the same insane APY ETH token contract the next day under the ticker CAPY as opposed to the originally planned APYC.

You can view the original APYC staking website here.

Here is their original Uniswap liquidity pool.

I had to request a refund personally via Telegram from Crypto Wolf
They are also compensating us to create a video review, so I was confident our community would receive a refund in this scenario. Moving forward it is back to proceed at your own risk. If you would like a refund of your ETH only, I would contact him via Telegram immediately.
Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 9.53.19 AM

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Hakka Finance - real or scam?

I took my first leap into DeFi last week with Hakka Finance, which had/has some good returns on the yield farming. I may have jumped the gun a little bit by risking 1 Ethereum but you live and you learn. And who knows it could go to the moon!!

One new pool has been added since I started and in the last week I have farmed 500 Hakka from pool 4 using UniswapV2.

They also launched 3fmutal an insurance for MakerDAO.
You can deposit etc and if MakerDAO you get an insurance payout. At time of writing its 109.6x it does depend on how many share you have purchased to how much of a reward you get. Mine today is 6x of eth deposited.

As with many DeFi projects they are very new and who knows what is going to happen with them. I bought it as it was going up and the price has dropped by 50% but my holdings have gone up by 25% so all in all not ben a bad week!! Minus the fees which I would say have been about .15 eth.

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Currently staked in the new CAPY contract they released this morning. I managed to get in a couple hours after they re-released the contract at about 6:45am MT.

I did stake yesterday too. Too bad about that. This is where it stands now.

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Here are some useful DeFi websites: for a list of great resources for yield farming opportunities for one click entry into defi

Personally I’ve tried a few things:

  1. Deposited ETH/wBTC to Uniswap, then. staked the LP tokens to earn UNI and I am earning UNI.
  2. Used ETH on to get into a YAM/yUSD pool, then staked the LP tokens to earn YAM and I am earning YAM.
  3. Deposited wETH/MEME to SushiSwap, then staked the LP tokens to earn SUSHI, still to early to tell if I"m earning anything.
  4. I did jump in on this CAPY thing, but IMO it is a ponzi. I went in with $30 just to see what happens when you make bad choices and it goes tits up.

Are you participating in the ETH-DAI or ETH-USDC or ETH-USDT or ETH-WBTC UNI pool?

I’m looking for a stable and reliable form of liquidity mining where I can earn a reasonable token as well. Pretty much all of this points back to liquidity mining on Uniswap – everything else seems high risk and I don’t want to piss my tiny ETH stash away lol

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Just an update, if you staked on the old contract, APYC, you will have to use the site to get your stake after the lock period. Eh, win some and lose some.

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I don’t understand the withdraw process, I see the withdraw buttons for the UNI-V2 and the CAPY but do those go into a wallet? Do you need a special wallet for those? Up to this point, all I’ve seen is it ask you to deposit a bunch of ETH. Again I’m new to DEFI so while I’m sure there is an explanation I just don’t see it.

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It is tied to the wallet you used to stake. So when you withdraw your rewards after 72 hours, it will be tied to your Eth Wallet Address as a contract under Uni.

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1 hour in and over $700 earned…71 hours to go. Maybe it will be a nothing burger maybe not - Here’s to DeFi, cheers :beers:
I will update in the a.m. Vosk

I am in this with you vosk lets get those retirement funds off a few bucks lol (i used free coins from watching coinbase earn videos.) so i have ZERO risk but i already doubled in an hour lol
i started this telling myself i gambled it away so if i get anything its profit to me lol if i lose, i lose nothing

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What does this means? Sry, what I have to do? I staked 1 ETH. THX Gert

I’m in the ETH-WBTC pool. Earning UNI tokens on that one.

Also trying my hand at some Yam farming that I did through zapper and some garbage on sushi just to try it.

What will happen when people earn more CAPY than available balance? some GUYS
have earn more than 1 CAPY 2 days to go

Hey guys! I dove in on CAPY. First time using MetaMask. Do I have to keep that webpage open and pc connected to wifi to maintain the connection to my MetaMask wallet? I imagine if it disconnects, then I would be able to reconnect it to my MetaMask wallet.

Got in about 4.5 hours ago and the rewards have slowed down and the CAPY price keeps going down. Thoughts?

Haha guys i am making a fortune here , if only more people stake until next sunday we are rich af :smiley:

Do you know if there is a place to see your time clock? How strict is the time clock?

There is only a spot showing when the contract will expire in the Unlock Uni V2 portion of the page at the bottom. I’m sure there is a way to set up your own clock with an app. I’m betting the clock will be spot on for withdrawal

Still headed in the positive this morning 12 hours in 60 to go. Up past 7K


What the hell… let’s see what happens

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