Goldshell X5 MIner

i just set up my first x5 and im only getting like 2.00 a day or something… on dxpool, is something wrong? these are my settings

1100 MHz 0.81 V 4200 RPM 4200 RPM

I use and I get .06 LTC per X5 a day.

Does x5 support ssl connection? Can someone explain how to setup ssl, preferably on litecoinpool?

I suggest choosing the pool with lowest latency/reject rate. Litcoinpool has 2 servers so you can select the one giving you lowest stale shares. Ideally under-.5%

Any luck on overclocking your X5’s?

I have two X5’s, been running them on Balance mode for a few weeks. Thinking of trying to overclock them now.


Not yet. I have to upgrade the electrical service in my home to 200amp before I can start OC’ing the X5. I ended up getting COVID and had to delay. I’ll try and get some info regarding overclocking the X5 by the end of Feb. :smiley:

I have an X5 too and just to provide a different point of view, you can run two X5’s at 600 MH/S on 660 watts each…and you get 1200 MH/S for only 1320 watts - this is very efficient and profitable under almost all electrical rates. If you have great electricity rates than overclocking won’t be an issue, but I don’t, so overclocking is not an option for me because it won’t be profitable.


I noticed by the deposit email the last days that my ltc and doge earnings went down.
Found out that my x5 had on one of the cards over 38 million HW errors and stoped hashing(down to 0). after restart it got back in the race, but went down to 60MH/s within 1 day and HW errors are up to 3mil. on the card CPB1.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?

I do that except when I have good solar coming in I change it to high power mode. I’ve been working on a script that logs into my miners and changes the power mode automatically so for me at the moment I have enough solar to cover the high power mode between 9am - 5pm. The script is nearly done, goes into the hardware IP, logs in, goes to settings, changes from low power to hash rate mode but I cant get it to click the apply button which is the final step which is frustrating! Does anyone else write scripts to change settings automatically in the hardware interface? Many thanks

Does it do the same thing on each of the three power settings?

Do you run it in a cold place? Anyway, I’d try contacting Goldshell for some support to start with.

@Deastin honestly I did not yet test if it does that on other power settings. But I will do till the end of the week. I just wouldn’t leave it on other levels because it’s unprofitable then. If one can speak of profitability at all at the current prices. :unamused:
@Alexcool yes, it is together with the other workers in a dedicated cabinet in the garage. do you think it is probably to cold? It is standing next to my HS5 and that one shows relatively harmonic details on all 4 cards.

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ASICs are designed to work at an ambient temperature +5 Celsius. Some 0 Celsius. I also had an issues when it got too cold, luckily noticed fast.

Hi Guys,
Bought my X5 Miner from Global DX POOL, While connecting it to (Find my goldshell miner) an error message pops up

Can you guys help me please to see from where the problem came?


That’s just the message when you haven’t added a mining pool yet. You should be able to click on the “Miner” to the left and then click “add pool”. This is the information for litecoinpool if you are using that. @Anis88

stratum+tcp:// - (Europe)
stratum+tcp:// - (US East Coast)
stratum+tcp:// - (US West Coast)

Miner name: YourWallettAddress.YourWorkerName
Password: Whatever you choose

Then you can click save, then it should start to mine.

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Mine started hashing only when I added nicehash as a third pool in the list. Even though I never use it… some network magic I guess.

And yes, litecoinpool is the best. I tried prohashing and zpool, those constant changes of the coin and difficulty make the mhs fluctuate a lot and make me nervous:-)

Did you find a solution? I think one of my hashboards died as well. It starts with a few thousand khs and then stops to 0