Hardware error on Antminer L7


I’ve only been running my new L7 for less than a day and I noticed the fault red light flashing so I went on the dashboard to see what was going on. The hash rate is running abnormal and I noticed that the hardware errors number in all 3 slots are over 500. I’m not sure if this is normal or not?

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No, it’s not. First try a power cycle, then check board temps finally drop operating frequency

500 errors in a day is high, 500 in a week is ok. Ideally you should only see a few errors a day

I powered it down this morning. its been running all day and has around 30 as of now. So im assuming that is better but i will monitor it. How do I check board temps and adjust frequency? Thanks for your help

Ok, your going to think I’m nuts, because I think so too. I have no explanation for what I’m about to tell you.
My L7 has been running for about 3 weeks. The first 4 days or so it seemed loud (it is) and I was getting lots of hw errors on card 3. 20,000 errors. The firmware is up to date. On the 4th day it got slightly quieter, about 5 dB to about 75 dB. After that I was playing with some of the settings in my mining pool and did a restart. Since then its getting lower hw errors on card 3 than the other 2. It makes no sense, no “break in” period. I think I’ve lost it. It’s running great now though!

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Thanks for the info, maybe it is some kind of break in period. I’m just not familiar with how to adjust the settings, I’m using DxPool so is it in there I make changes or do I sign into the machines url and do it there?

I think the only setting you can do logging into its ip is fan speed and I would keep that at 100%. You can check hw errors and Temps there. I am on prohashing and was seeing if I could send the $ for power to my bank account. Then I misspelled do it showed 2 of the same miner for a while. I have a lot to learn but it’s coming.

What’s the date on the firmware? Bottom left corner of the UI.

Unfortunately at these high frequencies that 500 a day is very normal. Before the Jan 24 firmware update, you’d get 1500-2000 HW errors per board per day. It’s just a sad case of Bitmain over promising hashrate and trying to make good at it. It’ll be fine. Just get used to it or it’ll drive you crazy. I bet your overall rejection rate is still less than 2%.

Jan 24th 2022 and rejection rate is .52.
It’s a 9050 running at about 92 so I can’t complain.

That’s what you get with these particular models. All normal from the feedback I’m receiving so you should be good.

wow, ok i was just making sure i wasnt doing something wrong or had a defective machine. Thanks for the help

Nope, you’re all good. With those high frequencies you’ll get more HW errors than not, but you’ll also handle more nonces so it works itself out. Good luck. Enjoy!! :v:t3:

Hey so is it normal for me to be having hashrate abnormalities, everyday between 1pm to about 5pm? My hashrate disappears along with the red light blinking and I have to restart the machine. It will do this a few times within the hottest time of the day.

Im wondering if the room it’s in might be my problem…not enough airflow or the right kind of air flow maybe?

I should add that I have an s19j running in the same room and not having this problem with it.

It does have an automatic shutoff if it gets a certain temperature. Even if you don’t have a/c, make sure you can exhaust some of the heat out and fresh air from outside even if it’s hot just to let the exhaust fan do it’s job. If your sucking heat out, that air has to come from somewhere.

Ok Ive ordered an exhaust fan. Let’s see if that does the trick. Thanks for the help

Yes I am having the same issue only showing 2 board not 3 board