Instant Faucets for Nano (XNO)

it took me quite a while to find a new instant faucet but I’ve finally found a couple of cool faucets to help you in your crypto journey. These faucets pay instantly to your wallet but please note that that some exchange have a minimum deposit requirement , i will explain that further below.

So what is Nano(XNO) ?
Nano is a fast and “eco-friendly” blockchain with no transaction fees , yes transaction fees don’t exist . And the transaction speed on this blockchain is incredibly fast and you will see this when you try the faucets.

So what do i need to get started ?
All you need is a wallet and the best wallet for me is the natrium wallet . use this link to install it on your device. The reason not to use exchange wallets is because binance and kucoin have minimum deposit requirements so you are going to have to accumilate your coins else where.

So Lets get busy :slight_smile:
There are 5 websites which you can claim from daily and all of them pay instantly
1.Nano Faucet - Nanswap
visit the website paste your nano wallet and solve a captcha thats it .The future of this coin at least in my perspective is bullish but always DYOR .

If you found his helpful then buy me some coffee :slight_smile:
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Buy hey im not done there are similar direct paying websites go check them out

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