Projects that aren't dead

Well its been a long time since i wrote something on here but thats because the lack of anything new and interesting in the crypto space . There was once a time where projects used to pop up everyday and someething new and interesting would be introduced that would shape tomorrow but now in this bear market projects are hanging on a string .

" Hard times create strong project "

well im a guy that likes to collect free crypto and some projects which i have shared here are dead so i wanted to make a list to let you know which ones work.

  1. Global Hive (alive)
    Faucets That Pay Directly To Wallet
    Its been more than 2 years and the site pays out directly to your wallet no minimum payout . They have been acquired by game station and its site has been growing ever since.

  2. PipeFlare (alive)
    PipeFlare Gaming
    This site has really evolved its added tons of games and you can earn NFT , Matic , ZEC and Flare .

  3. ZEN Faucet (alive)
    this site hasnt changed much just solve the captcha and you get ZEN coins. This is the old article
    Zen Staking , Mining and Their Direct paying Faucet

  4. Doge coin Projects (:skull:)
    sadly not even one survived , this article is now useless
    The Fantastic Doge and How to Earn it ?!

  5. Swash (alive)
    This project is :fire: its a must check . Its a browser extenstion that share your data to a data union and you earn tokens.

  6. Brave wallet (:skull:)
    its dead for me at me at least . the country i reside in is blocked by brave aswell as my uphold account can connect to brave so im giving up on it.

  7. XNO faucets(alive)
    these faucets pay out but they are so small . If you want some XNO for transaction then i recommend you read this article
    Instant Faucets for Nano (XNO)

So all in all not all project will work out and its the survival of the fittest happy hunting :+1: