Zen Staking , Mining and Their Direct paying Faucet

So i found another Direct Paying Faucet but with a ton of options to earn.
1.Faucet(also gives hodl bonus)

What is Zen ?

Horizen cryptocurrency was originally founded as ZenCash, an end-to-end-encrypted system with zero-knowledge technology allowing to transmit communications and store data or value with a high level of security. Horizen is an integration of revolutionary technologies that create a system over which innovation can accelerate by combining three functions that are traditionally done separately: transactions, communication, competitive governance. As a blockchain platform, Horizen implements a leading-edge privacy technology that ensures anonymity and complete control of the digital footprint.


Faucet pays out every 24 hours to a verified wallet and also gives you HODL bonus , a faucet that pays you to HODL is Very cool . This website does have the same layout to Global Hive another Faucet we covered here before.

So How to claim

just come back every 24 hours solve the captch and get paid . This faucet size has a lot of similarity with global hive so if you have used it its simple. you will get brave referral and hodl


your going to have to make a wallet from their own website or use their app on play store its a bit complicated but its easy if you watch the video they provide . i highly recommend watch it if you get lost.i just used the app and was done with it.

Daily rewards

Yep its got that and also Hodl bonus . Hodl bonus is pretty easy just don’t withdraw from your wallet and you’ll get a bonus for doing that .Also the stars in navigation bar glow up till the 6th day and you get Zen up to 1 but you’ll get like 0.0001 to 0.001 zen its variable.Payout is every 24 hours


Haven’t tried it but looks exactly like global hive feels like some one copy and pasted it :slight_smile:
try my link https://getzen.cash/auth/register?ref=315165

Play a game Bonus

just play a unity html game and earn zen its simple. however my device acts up and doesn’t work very well but i am confident it will run smooth on a capable hardware

Social Media Bonus

simple just connect your social medias and use Brave browser and get paid 20% for brave and 2% for Socials.

2.Running a Node

So you want to run a node and make a some cash well your gonna need a server or you can either run it on your pc here is the link to install and run a Zen Secure Node.

Minimum requirement

  • 42 ZEN about 240$
  • A bomb PC about 8gb ram and good cpu
  • a copy of the Blockchain
  • and your ready to go
  • or rent a server

Their are 2 types of nodes secure which only needs 42 ZEN and Master which costs 500 ZEN to run . I have not tested runing a node but i have went around and found that you get anout 17% cash back on Secure Node annually . Here is a Staking Profit calculator

Staking profit

3.ZEN Halfing
well this coin is based on equi-hash and it is about to half to combat inflation which usually drives the price of the coin up. The current price is about 5.25$ at the time of writing . We will have to wait and see.

4.Mining POW
Well if staking isn’t for you then you can start mining and make some ZEN using your hardware.

Mining Pools
follow this link its got tons of pools

Mining Profit
well clearly we need to know what were getting our self i to so i took this profit calculator from whattomine.com , with 135,000 h/s and 0.10$ electric and 1420 Watt power you getting this type of profit.

go to this link to check if your rig is profitable.

Well ZEN has some serious potential and already listed on binance , kucoin and many other exchanges also they are making dapps and have tons of development tools . Withdrawing from your wallet wont be instantly available you have to wait for a few days .For me i’ll stick to the faucet and earn some spare change , With multiple options and tons of support i believe ZEN might go boom boom.If you think i missed anything or have some questions ask away.

Official Website :- https://www.horizen.io/
Faucet link :- https://getzen.cash/ (non-ref) & https://getzen.cash/auth/register?ref=315165 (ref)
Secure Node Link :- https://www.horizen.io/securenodes/
Staking calc :- https://www.stakingrewards.com/earn/horizen
ZEN profit calc :- https://whattomine.com/coins/185-zen-equihash
ZEN pools :- https://www.horizen.io/mining-pools/


Thanks for the info @Yacob_Tsige. I used your referral code, can you verify if it shows that it worked?
Zenhub does look quite a bit like GlobalHive, very similar layout. Not sure if the game earning works properly, I played it up to about 350 coins (have to earn 250 to withdraw) and it says I successfully withdrew to my Zen wallet that I verified, but I haven’t seen anything come through yet.

Here’s my referral code if anyone wants to keep the chain going :slight_smile:

Looks like the game deposit did come through finally, only $0.0063 but better than nothing for playing a game for 20 minutes. The game could probably entertain a child for quite a bit, if you wanted to put them to work lol.

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lol didn’t think of that , transactions sure takes some time but i’m glad everything worked out

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