The Fantastic Doge and How to Earn it ?!

Deep in the jungles of crypto I found a faucet, a faucet of doge and i now what your going to say “its a miracle” fear not I shall show you how to earn this majestic doge and unlock its full potential but seriously i found a couple of great faucets :smile:

your probably wondering why on earth would i go to all this trouble to get some doge the answer is quite simple

If this doesn’t convince you nothing can !

Where Do i start ?
You’ve made an excellent decision well it all starts on telegram . Wait i sense confusion yes i said telegram and yes it is a bot .Before you run away saying its a scam I’ve actually tested making multiple withdrawals and it was totally unexpected.

on Dogeclick_bot you are required to open ads and wait till the timer ends usually from 10 seconds to 30 seconds ads that pay more usually ask for 30 seconds . But wait their are other offers as well some ask you to join a group or a channel even start a bot making the bot really useful and the daily bonus 3 ads a day and you get more doge for the consecutive days you claim.

Well theirs also a trick to this bot well you see theirs an auto claim bot that was made for this bot specifically the python code is executed on your phone using termux and you can claim some extra money but yeah the auto claimer doesn’t work well but here is a link if you are curious maybe add more to it idk just saying.

Sadly the minimum withdrawal is 4 doge but no worries with the daily bonus you will make it their in no time.

Here is my ref link

Method 2
wait what theirs more !!!
Theirs not much to do just paste your address and hit claim every 60min that is all .
nothing more nothing less just a simple captcha

minimum withdrawal 1 doge


Method 3
i wrote about it on this very forum so yeah go take a look

Payout is auto when you reach 1 doge

My Experience
Well after a while of testing both the Telegram bot and Web Faucet i was able to raise an army of doge warriors .To be honest it is tiring at times but it defiantly paid off especially during the doge bull run .I look forward on sharing more of my adventures with you . Now go get your self a doge :wink:

“To The Moon :full_moon:

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