Kaspa Hashrate Patterns

also they dropping their prices on iceriver like each 3-6 days now, ks0 is now 599 + psu cost but yeah ROI is now 100-150days on Ks0 , just cant warn people enough dont go for kaspa miners , each month 10 less coins, higher difficulty and as said in the posts only winner is the makers of the miners

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Right now, the ks0’s would only be worth if they were around 379.

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whats your breakdown on ks3m buys right now? @Krisz

For the right price I would get one ks3m around 12-14K. The winners are the ones who have the 1st batch of the ice river KS3’s(7600 a monthly profit wow!)the hashrate did not pass 20 petahash until mid September because bitmain did not have miners to release until mid October(Maybe closer to November they are just trying to keep Ice River sales low but too late they are selling out!). Somebody beat out Bitmain!!
At least I am profit on all of my KS0’s cranking out as much as a KA3 daily. Sure that will change in a month but I am still making money and if I listened to Krisz and did not buy a Kaspa miner I would never have made money.
For the KS3m the sooner you get one the better the unknown is Bitmain if those miners get delayed again you will make money if not who knows?
I think people got killed by Kadena and are not so fast to spend 40K on a miner again.What are those Kadena miners making now in the negative. Hurting Bitmain sales. Add in Ice River and who needs Bitmain? Not me my K7 is dead after 8 months F Bitmain!!!
K7 is the worst miner ever produced!!!11111


@Krisz may be right yet. If your miner hasn’t ROI’ed, it might not ever do so. The hashrate is constantly climbing, and I’m sure they have more batch’s of the KS3 coming out.

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It’s also risk vs reward, the risk was not receiving your miner in a timely manner and I’ve heard some people who bought directly from ice river have been waiting a long time to receive their miner. I have a mate who bought a ks0 from a reseller recently, he asked if it was in stock and they said yes, he paid for it and then they said they have no stock. Not sure what’s happened with that I’ll ask him

Like if you lived in Hong Kong and knew you’d receive your miner a week before anyone else then that puts the odds in your favour

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NGL. I kind of messed up my prediction. I thought Bitmain was going to pull a Bitmain. But there still is a chance that they will do so.

But when I make my predictions, I tend to take a more bearish side to prepare for the worst. And as you can see with Kaspa, you don’t have a stable price. And right now it might seem that you will make 300 a day but if the price goes back to 4 cents, it will make around 240 a day. And also at a point many early batches of IceRivers were on back order. But it’s always better to take a bearish calculation, as it’s a wild market down here.

But still only a few were shipped in the early batch, and most of the other Bitmain ks3’s were shipped during the last week of August, and the First week of September.

So if you got your KS3 on the 5th of September, you would have made around 4,000. So I do expect these to be making a decent amount, but then the next batch, all hell lets loose.

So I was wrong about the hashrate to this point, but still I don’t see a long term play for Kaspa miners. As the block reductions will take a large toll on the rewards. (Around 6 months from now, the emission per minute will be 123 Kaspa, and currently it is 175).

(Just a side note. just because IceRiver’s are not breaking down now, there is still a chance in the future. I hope not but who knows with such a young company)

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Not going to lie the 6th model at $15,000 I find attractive. If you allow for the network hashrate to 3X it’s still $60 a day, and personally I would put it on NiceHash and get paid in BTC. I wonder what the hashrate will be in a years time

Even if by the time the rewards are cut, if you had paid it off and you were still making $30 a day I wouldn’t be complaining at all

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the hashrate increase is one thing the other is each month there is decrease of coins to be mined 174 a sec now and 1 january its 138 a sec

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Just dating for anyone looking at the WindMiner k9, it seems like a scam.

They did not even have the effort to change the website template,

But if it is true, they said there will be 800 units,

800 times 11 = 8800 8800/1000=8.8 ph

So this would reduce the reward by around 30 percent.

Going into this further (Did A Kaspa Miner Price War Start?), you can see that just like the d9, they will let the rewards be good for a little, then dump the price. Then for the same miner they will charge them 3k a unit, just months after.

So this shipment will most likely add more hashrate, then a little sell pressure might kick in.

But BITMAIN is for sure, going to use their tricks that they have to manipulate the market.

Well @Budgetminer, it broke 25 petahash today.

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Is there anyone here who has either an Ice river KS3 or a Bitmain KS3? would be interesting to hear first hand accounts on their experience and if they find it as a good buy or bad buy

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Personally I do want one of the more powerful models. I would only buy one if I could get a spare control board, PSU and chips an insurance so if anything goes wrong then I can fix it myself. If it comes DOA and can’t fix it you’re screwed. Can’t get ice river chips, will have to see about Bitmains

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And it’s back down. Lol.

wtf…one of the pools down?

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Nope. The devs are changing the nodes. (Pruning)


Thats quite a drop!

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Got to under 12 ph

Bitmain dumping Kaspa miners now. Kaspa will probably double to 50 peta hash by the end of October and 100 peta hash by the end of December because of the big price reductions and more to come. They make you feel like you are getting a deal but you will be lucky to make your money back. Bitmain only cares about their wallet. My K7 is the worst miner ever made broke after 8 months a 5K LEMON!!!
Look at Bitmain’s history this is their play get the most money from each miner until they kill the coin!
Always sell miners before the halving that will no longer make any money because people are stupid enough to buy them! K7 and HNS3!