My First Rig Build AMD RX 5700 XT NVIDIA MIX

this totally makes sense because I even tried to only run one PSU with 9 GPU’s and the rig acted exactly the same as having all 9 cards on I think having 5 on one PSU and 4 on the other should work much better hopefully getting tired of rebuilding this damn rig lol

actually you are not right 231watt runing only whan rig is start mining mot on booting on boot runing around 20-50watt,

about risers on my new rig 12risers are conected on first psu with motherboard second psu power up only 12gpu, other rig 1psu mobo,3x gpu,3x risers second psu 3xriser 3x gpu

second you dont need use molex connectors on mobo is you use power risers molex are only for unpowered risers i do check on my mobo power test from molex power is 0 not using nothing

woohooo my RGB lights started working again! lol

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Ghost lights? What did you do?

i was cleaning the dust and taken them apart and put them back together and they started working

check this out ever since i switched back to pool mining thru nicehash my rigs find higher difficulty share and even my smaller rig is out preforming the larger on as far as highest share difficulty solved