Panther X2 Helium Hotspot Miner 8,000 Units apparently in-stock ready to ship

Panther an approved helium hotspot manufacturer previously released their Panther X1 helium miner, and now they claim to have stock of 8,000 Panther X2 Helium hotspot miners. I have not tested any of their miners yet, I did order 5 miners to review on the VoskCoin Helium YouTube channel, and hopefully deploy, you can order one here -

The Panther Miner Panther X2 miner is pretty cool looking, heard mixed reports on their x1 so verdict is TBD plus the X2 is a revised model.

EDIT UPDATE save 5% with code VOSKCOIN5


When was this stock available? Just to understand if it has days … no stock should be available by now. Thanks

Is this legit? Been burned before buying helium miners

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I just ordered one as well. We will see! With any luck my bobcats and nebra will all show up at the same time and I’ll have to make some friends to have enough places to stick these!


I ordered one as well. Hopefully these perform as good as they look.

Are there still some available? The website doesn’t say. I have a hard time believing there are still some available

Having issues w/ Coinbase Commerce(CC) claiming “Insufficient funds”. More investigation needed.

Unsure what wallet CC is requesting the funds from since it never asked for my wallet address.

Why they gotta be on sale when I don’t have the capital available :rage:?

Just bought a couple and already received confirmation email. Thanks @VoskCoin for the heads-up on the X2!

I am gonna order too but it says that they will deliver 45 days after the order.

5 Hotspots 330 Euros Shipping :sweat_smile:

Note: Arrange delivery within 45 days after order placement (Updated at 00:00 on 5th of December 2021 (HKT)).

No one really knows yet, order at your own risk.

Thanks @VoskCoin!

I was able to order one and received confirmation immediately cant wait to get it. I like that its just one antenna. Can anyone confirm that the V2 2will have a dashboard?

I don’t understand - Panther isn’t listed as an approved hotspot at and the site looks to be a complete rip-off of the Bobcat site (Bobcat… Panther?). Why do we believe this is legit? Info online seems very suspect. I’m not biting (yet, anyway)…


Just ordered 1 with the coupon code…hopefully it is legit, and I get one.

Note: Arrange delivery within 45 days after order placement (Updated at 00:00 on 5th of December 2021 (HKT)). hop[e its not related to the other panther global sites listed on google that say PERMANENTLY CLOSED

Is this site reliable? I have never mined before and was wondering if this would be a good option to start and learning?

@Xdietrichx, if you are new and want to try mining. I personally won’t recommend Helium. Helium is very unstable. Let me rephrase, your mining results are not consistent. I would go with a consistent result miner. If you got a decent PC, try nicehase/unminable. See if you like watching your wallet go up everyday. Then go to ASIC miner.

BTW nothing wrong with Helium mining, I have a Bobcat on order. But the results will vary greatly. Do your research, people show you how profitable Helium mining is. But they don’t show you how un-profitable it also could be.


I thought about the Helium because I saw several videos of people saying that mining with gpu is ending and I was not sure if it would be worth it. But I think I’m going to add one more gpu to my computer to learn a little more before making any big investments.

Well yes to GPU mining for ETH. But you can still mine others. However, I won’t drop a 1k on a nice GPU (that’s my view). I will just accrue a bit and get a ASIC miner. That is usually the growth path: GPU into ASIC. We got some resellers in the group.

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