Panther X2 Helium Hotspot Miner 8,000 Units apparently in-stock ready to ship

Still almost a month out from the 45 days…

Note: Arrange delivery within 45 days after order placement (Updated at 00:00 on 5th of December 2021 (HKT)).

Hi! to everyone. I just got called by FedEx I had no idea what they wanted. Apparently, I am getting my 5 Helium Panther miners delivered and they needed my customs authorization. I will update again when I receive them. Good luck to everyone that ordered as well I hope you receive them soon too.

I made my order 6th of December 2021. :joy:


That’s good news !

Do you have a tracking number? lol

Wondering if there is a way to check on orders here.

Edit: Hit post too fast

that’s exciting, beating me! lol

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Still waiting on signs of life with my order. This is a good sign though.

I guess they won’t be In StOcK for much longer so long as the first unboxings aren’t “P-p-p-panther” miners. lol

still waiting for the 5 I ordered…

ordered 3 miners with your code

wow, thats fast

I got a shipping notification today. Weighing if I should get another 1 or 2, but it seems a little premature for that.

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I got my FedEx tracking number today … single unit order so they might be knocking those out first. Hang in there !! :+1:t2:

Got my tracking number today as well.

When did you order?

I put my order in on 12/6/21, and I only ordered one.

I also received my FedEx tracking number today.

I just received mine late last night, so it seems that they are sending out a good batch of them.

I got my tracking last night also! single unit

still nothing for me lol

Supposedly mine is being delivered today. It took 4 days to get from Bejing to New Hampshire, and then 3 days to go from one town over to my house. :roll_eyes: