The Todek Toddminer C1 Pro IS TERRIBLE - Low Hashrate and Stability Issues!

Initial Review of the Todek Toddminer C1 Pro CKB ASIC Miner

The Todek Toddminer C1 Pro has been all the rage lately, as it is currently supposed to be the most profitable cryptocurrency miner in the world?! We have had our Todek Toddminer C1 Pro for about 5 days now, and it has been FAILING to mine profitably and you may wonder…why? Simply put this Nervos CKB ASIC miner does not mine at it’s full advertised hashrate, it does not stay online mining for an entire day, it turns off in ~12 hours or less, and it is one of the WORST ASIC miners we have ever seen in our 3 years of mining crypto.

Update Here’s the VoskCoin video review of the Todek Toddminer C1 Pro

We received our Todek Toddminer C1 Pro from CoinMiningCentral, and to no fault of theirs our miner may be performing poorly because of damage to the mining rig. Coin Mining Central normally dropships their ASIC miners to avoid paying shipping to them and then shipping the miners again, which is fine and the standard for the current state of the crypto mining industry. CoinMiningCentral will support their customers when incidents like this happen, we had a faulty Baikalminer before and they simply took it back. Our Todek Toddminer C1 Pro was packaged perfectly and there was no damage to the external box.

The first thing I noticed as I removed our Todek Toddminer C1 Pro Nervos CKB eaglesong ASIC miner from its box was this significant dent on the top of the miner, which is also the area where the miner controlboard is normally installed… you know… basically the brains of the mining rig. The damage to the case of the miner along with any other damage such a big impact could cause could possibly be leading to the stability issues we are having with our Todek Toddminer C1 Pro.

If you examine the recent mining performance of our Todek Toddminer C1 Pro, it simply will not stay mining and thus is earning no coins, and no money.

The item has seemed to be more problematic as each day passes, if you look at the recent mining revenue on F2pool, it’s continuing to decrease and never has it earned even CLOSE to what it was supposed to.

When I log into the Todek Toddminer C1 Pro, which if you’re wondering the username and password are simply admin and admin, the actual miner is online and connected to my network but it IS NOT MINING?!

I have SparkPool setup as the backup pool for the Todek Toddminer C1 Pro, and it is not failing over to mine Nervos CKB there either… this miner is simply just shutting off all hashboards/mining processes. You can review our Bitmain Antminer K5 currently mining Nervos CKB on SparkPool, do not get confused and think that this miner is the Todek Toddminer C1 Pro.

To summarize the Todek Toddminer C1 Pro mining hashrate, our miner has not exceeded 2.4 th/s which is about double the Antminer K5 (comparable CKB ASIC miner). This is a whopping 25% drop from the advertised/promise hashrate of the C1 Pro… that basically makes it a scam miner.
Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 6.59.49 PM

The network hashrate for Nervos CKB continues to rise and hit new all time highs, however it has not skyrocketed like we anticipated it to when the Todek Toddminer C1 Pro’s were anticipated to reach their destinations. We think this is partly due to the fact that these miners are under-performing and are not reliable AT ALL. It is possible that we received a simply faulty unit, it is also possible that the damage that occurred to our miner (clearly at the Todek ASIC miner factory) is causing stability issues.

I do also want to note that the mining environment for the Todek Toddminer C1 Pro is currently in the VoskCoin Garage mining farm and the temperature peaked today at 96 F. To be clear no other GPU or ASIC mining rig we have ever ran, in any environment, would shut down at that ambient temperature.

Reviewing the miner log from within the Todek Toddminer C1 Pro dashboard, you would assume that this miner has a bad hashboard and/or it cannot handle mining in hot environments. Regardless of one of the hash boards being defective or damaged, the other two hashboards in the C1 Pro still do not mine the advertised 1 th/s per board which totals up to the 3 th/s C1 Pro model.

To be clear we ABSOLUTELY recommend AGAINST buying the Todek Toddminer C1 Pro, it was already a risky ASIC miner considering it only mines the eaglesong mining algorithm which only has one coin on it, Nervos CKB, and only recently switched to ASIC miners running their network.
Also for anyone wondering, this is the official website and store for Todek and their Toddminers.

If you are determined to buy a Nervos CKB ASIC miner, then we would recommend the Bitmain Antminer K5, that is a profitable miner and mines at the advertised hashrate.

You can read our full write-up review of the Bitmain Antminer K5 right here on VoskCoinTalk

You can also watch the VoskCoin video review of the Bitmain Antminer K5 right here

Good info man as always, I’m sure you have been looking for others with issues with the Todek C1 please let us know as soon as you can if you are not the only one experiencing issues like this. It really sucks for them if this is just a one off thing and you just got unlucky and got a bad miner…of all people lol.

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That is a pretty big dent. Quick question? Did you try mining on another platform? One of my radiators will be in this week and hopefully by then I will have my 220v setup and see what mine does.

hi guys, i’m a sw engineer from todek. appreciate for you professional testing. i have checked the video. it can’t be worse :sweat:. we never sell miner to CoinMiningCentral. we always directly sell miners and service customers. please contact us when you’re free. i want to know more low hashrate issue details about the miner in your hand.
whatsapp: +8618559674574


Hi Jack thanks for reaching out to us here on VoskCoinTalk, I followed up with you via email. Please let us know here or via email any questions/advice you have regarding the performance of our Todek Toddminer C1 Pro

& @RonnieDennies504 what do you mean mining on another platform? Like mining pool? We tested the miner on SparkPool (switched it from secondary to the main pool in the configuration) and it did not perform any better there.

Another user in the VoskCoin Discord said he has had some issues with the miner staying up and connected/mining :man_shrugging:

I just hope for everyone else’s sake that we received a dud Todek Toddminer C1 Pro and that normally these perform better. Unfortunately this is one of the worst mining experiences we’ve had in a long time lol

& yeah I guess fate is cruel sometimes lol :man_facepalming: I’d be happy to make an updated review if I can get a C1 pro in that performs better.

Maybe I shoulda said pool. Maybe I didn’t understand that the said machine is has no hasrate. My miner there was a video taken and it showing that my machine produces 2939 ghs with temp runnin at 49.4 degrees celsius and a fan speed of 6540 rpm. When I asked if another platform was tried,I more less meant another place that you can mine. I still new and terminology might get mixed. This site won’t let me post the video here. I notified my people that other people were having issues,she said if I have an issue then they will deal with it. I have trade assurance.

These were instructions sent for start up. Hopefully it helps someone…


Gavin here from Coin Mining Central.

We have been speaking to Todek regarding the instability issues for the C1 PRO.

Please download the latest firmware for C1 pro and instructions to get updated. The latest firmware will provide a more stable hashrate and lower power consumption.

For setting up the miner:

Please download the IP acquisition tool and English user manual from download link below.

We have direct contact with Todek and have found a solution for all of our clients who have experienced any issues with this C1 Pro.

Feel free to contact us directly at: with any further questions you may have.



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Thank you Gavin!

Do you have update to Toddminer C1? (Without the pro)

Did anyone download the latest c1 pro file??? Bot available anymore and i really need it
My supplier sent me an update file and i have updated but they must had sent me the c1 file as my miner only mines at 1.3th now
Can anyone send me this update file please
Thank you

I just pinged them for a download on the latest firmware, the DL link they had previously sent me has now expired @coinminingcentral may also be able to help

I will see if we can get an updated firmware for you.

Hi, see updated link below with C1 Pro Software:


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Gavin linked it above, but here’s the same download but uploaded onto my mega nz so it will never expire. Attached is the Todek Toddminer C1 Pro firmware (the better and more stable version)

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3 hours of run time on the c1pro…all kidsa problems but still hashing…started around 3:00pm,cut off lil over an hour ago,trying to get the h1 running,profit over $1 day,gotta get it while coin going up

I finally moved and have 2 220 outlets plus 1 quick 220 ready to roll for a third outlet… waiting to see what kinda price tag they put on the todek toddminer combo ch 14.5T

Thank you so much Drew,way better now…

Live Edit…
Really cranking now,the people who sold me the miner seemed like they did’t want to deal with looking at it and told me not to download the file on here. Well the way i looked at it was what can I loose? So I downloaded the file and uploaded to the miner and has been hashing very nicely. I’m on f2pool but think its ready to solo mine now.

Hey there, my name is Andrei!
I.m having some problems with the Toddminer C1 Pro!
There was a recent update on f2pool and since then, the mining power has dropped!
Last week it was mining about 2400 ckb minimum, but since then it.s at about 1300 ckb, daily!
I don.t know if it.s a pool issue or if a firmware update needs to be done, like last time!
I would appreciate if someone can help me with this issue!
Thanks, I.m waiting for your answer!


Miner might be bad. The reason I say this is 1 of my boards is no longer hashing. When I immersed the c1 pro,the coolant washed out the lubricants in my fans,so one day I came home and 1 of my fans wasn’t working(the other 3 fans eventually went out). I think I fried a board from being hot. Needless to say it still hashes around 1900G/hs and makes about 1700 ckb a day. When I get to 100,000 ckb(which should be tonight) Ima shut it down. Louisiana power and light is hitting me with xtra charges(last month $140) from hurricane hitting the state. So profit is real close to even with the c1 pro low hashrate. Maybe when its gets cooler and no more hurricanes I might run the c1 pro again. kinda eye balling the new ipollo G1. Hope the info helps.
Also check your miner logs and you might be able to trace whats going on,maybe fan low or in my case boards not hashing…you will be able to see if somethings wrong.

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