Tuning L3+ asic miner for best performance or power savings, HW errors etc

Does anyone have any experience in tuning the L3+ antminers?
I have 8 of these and they all run at different clock rates and voltages depending on the hw rate
These l3+ miners are running the BlissZ firmware and I can dial the voltage between 5 and 24 volts and the frequency between 100 and 650 mhz. The problem is what are good settings?

has anyone bothered to determine the sweet spot between hash rates and power consumption, and how do HW errors fit into the mix. right now I’m running between 9 and 13 volts and 380 to 425 mhz.
Some of the hash boards produce a very low HW error rate while others are quite high. Common sense tells me the lower the HW rate the better. But at what point? a hw rate of 32000 in 24 hours is probably bad while a Hw rate of 10 is likely good. what about 250, 500 or 1500?

At what point to I dial down the clock rate? what voltages are considered safe?

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I posted this yesterday.
Blissz is not very efficient at all. Its worth paying a dev fee for individual chip tuning.

I’m sure it’s better than the vanilla antminer firmware where you have only one setting - clock rate.
efficiency aside, can you address any of my concerns.

Each chip on each board performs differently. From what I have experienced. Each board will have its own sweet spot. You have to find it. I have one miner that works much better then the others. That’s the one in the pic. I swapped all my slow boards into one box and that’s my under clocked box. It runs at 747watts and hashes at 550. I have spent hours and hours trying to fine tune them. My general rule is if any of the boards have over 100 HW with in the first hour I slow down the specific chips that are throwing the most errors and then restart the box and wait another hour. then do it again. On the Nonce# I try to keep the total less then .1 if possible. while maintaining cool temps and a high Utility. All depends on the chip lottery. I guarantee you that whatever settings you are using with Blissz it’s not anywhere close to what you can achieve with a per chip tuning firmware. Also don’t be concerned with how many HW you get. They will get into the thousands depending on how long you have it running. From what I have read they don’t impact accepted hashes all that much. Your network connection and ping to whatever pool you are connected to is the biggest reason for rejected hash. Hope this helps.


Can you suggest a different firmware? maybe awesome miner?

Also I respectfully disagree that a high or a low hw rate doesn’t effect mining revenue.
I’m using nice hash and all my high hw machines have a lower revenue rate than the low hw machines, running at near the same clock and voltage rates.

These are all l3+ boxes running blissz.

also after killing a few hash boards, I’ve had to rethink my voltage and frequency settings, right now I use a max of 11 volts or less and a max freq of 425, before that I went as high as 13 volts and 438 mhz.

I’ve only used Blissz and HiveOn. HiveOn by far out performs blizzs. all my boards are at 10.23v or less and the frequency is 480 or higher. they all have a Nonce# of .1 or less. very low HW faults. Utility is 9 or above. The only issue I have with HiveOn is the boxes like to reset at random it seems. I have over clocks and under clocks applied and they will reset some time after an hour and then after that reset it will go 20 hours. I can’t pin it down. I’m also having trouble flashing away from HiveOn. I just found out their firmware disables the SD card flashing. I want to try out this firmware. AntMiner L3+ / L3++ alternative firmware manual download

the most obvious reason I’ve found for reboots is over volting and over clocking. And this is the best way to kill the hash boards. I’d suggest you drop the voltage down to 9.6 and adjust the clock speed to obtain a stable operation. It could be the firmware but I running hive on 8 l3+ machines and don’t have rebooting issues. I’m running stock 508 hash rates and in a couple of cases 560 hash rates.
My machines were purchased from people who likely over clocked a lot and I get to suffer with high HW rates at stock speeds.

It’s possible that the power supplies are having issues, are you running 120 or 240 volts in?

I’m running them all at 240V. Total power is 4000w. I have dropped the voltage on 3 out of 4 miners and have found stable hash rates. they have been running for a couple of days and the only restarts have been my doing slowly lowering frequency and voltage to eliminate HW. 640, 660, 600, 660 are my current hash rates. They all run very cool. I live in Wyoming and have nothing but cold dry air. They are all under 70c at the highest temp board and 52c is the coolest. Everything’s running great now. The auto tune with HiveOn really sucks. I think my issues were trying to stay to close to what that set my boards too.

Hive OS underclocked works best for my l3 rig. Been using for over 1 year. No complaints.

I shut down for the dark winter months ahead. Just not enough sun light to light up the solar panels. And with out solar the l3+, s17 or zmaster a9 just are not profitable.