VoskCoin Mini Doge Miner by Goldshell - Stock Updates & Batch Information

Thank you what is the best way to be notified?

Wait, because you are not sure how used the miner you are getting is.

Goldshell sent out an email today, fyi. An email about restock. Seems they’re going to release 50 KD Box a week and “a few” mini-doge PER WEEK in the next several weeks until sold out. Follow their official twitter for restock time: @goldshellminer


How much does goldshell sell the kd boxes for?

Newegg has them for ~ $2400. So I think probably around $1200 when they are for sale on Goldshell. But that’s just a guess based on how they usually double resale.

since one hour in stock for expensive §1499
hurry up

about 80 minutes and the KD boxes have been sold out.

Mini Doge is still for sale but will likely sell out soon.

I paid $900/ea for my mini doge’s from a 3rd Party Hong Kong shop yesterday because I didn’t think I had a chance at ordering from Goldshell. I felt sorry for myself for about a hot minute until I realized they are already sold out. Congrats to the lucky.


If you didn’t get one today, don’t despair or dash off to ebay. Their email said they would be releasing small batches weekly until their supply is gone. Here is the full email from Goldshell in case you didn’t see it:

Dear Supporters of Goldshell,

For now we have more than 10,000 followers in Twitter and more than 30,000 customers subscribe our Newsletter. Goldshell really want to express to customers our gratitude for your following and subscribing.

We have noticed that a lot of customers want to purchase KD-BOX and Mini-DOGE.
Although the supply of chips is very tight, we still reserve several miners for retail customers as a token of our appreciation for reaching 10,000 followers in Twitter and 30,000 subscribers.
We will release 50 KD-BOX and a few Mini-Doge per week in the next several weeks until sold out.

To get the specific restock time please follow our official Twitter: @goldshellminer

A little tips

  • We will limit the quantity of KD-BOX. If the same IP purchase repeatedly, we will cancel the order and make refund.
  • KD-BOX doesn’t accept bulk order this time.

The duration of this event will depend on our particular stock. We will try our best to provide more popular miners.

Thanks again in advance for helping build the Goldshell!


i still have some brand new SEALED mini doge miners at $950 let me know just trying to help i did have to pay tariffs. also i am able to get the RGB Fans that comes in some of the goldshell miners .let me know if anyone is interested in those rgb fans i may have to place a bulk order but hey i thought if anough people would interested ty


How did they notify they that were being put up? I got the email about within the next few weeks. But nothing about this morning so I missed it all lol


they do pretty much every announcement on twitter right before or at the same time when they send the emails.

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they just dropped again!!! if anyone wants any!! Mini doge miners

it wont let me buy one

Better luck next time, still have my lonely One here.

What batch did you purchase in? How long did it take to get shipment info? Just got my first one on tonight’s drop.

Vosk are any batch 5 of the Vosk edition mini doge miners still available?

Speedy do you have any mini doge units left? are they the VOSK edition?

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yes i do