VoskCoin Mini Doge Miner by Goldshell - Stock Updates & Batch Information

Goldshell dropped Mini Dodge miners this morning. They still have them up on their site so still a chance they drop some more. Follow them on Twitter and you’ll know the second they drop. I was able to get two tails editions today. Glad I didn’t pop on a scalped one.

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Hi vosk I dont know where to leave you a question never been on this type of sight before I want to buy 4 miners i was looking at (http://bitcoinminingtechs.com) does anyone or you know if this is a safe company to buy from this is my first and that is a lot of money? I don’t know where to find the answer if you reply can you tell me or email me at 50rambo57@gmail.com THANKS PHIL

your on the wrong page . its verified aisv miner sellers

I ordered my miner on the same day as you, by chance are you still in processing or have you already gotten your tracking number because I’m still awaiting mine…

I rec’d tracking on my first order from global.dxpool.io yesterday. DHL says they will be here Tuesday. This should have a mini-doge, an LB and a HS in it. Three separate tracking numbers.

Oh and don’t forget, the box miners don’t include power supplies. So get those ordered if you haven’t. The general consensus is the goldshell PSUs are not good. I ordered mine from Parallel miners.

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KD box ,Mini Doge and more just dropped!!

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Just seeing this now. Mine are set for delivery on the 7th. Fingers crossed.

mines the 6th but i have other miners still not given to dhl or something, Fingers crossed.

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is safe to buy there?

does dhl deliver on weekends?

There is a new mini doge on offer up for $400 needs a power supply

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Where? are you selling it?

Website called OfferUp

it depends alot on the service it was shipped under and how busy they are.

if satruday or sunday was selected as the delivery day, then yes.

if the package was a normal Mon-Fri service, they sometimes will still deliver on Sat or even Sun if they are in the area already with a special weekend delivery and knock out yours. I have had that happen several times where I was treated with a nice sunday delivery.