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Hey Everybody
Dave From Chantilly Va
Looking to start mining on small scale soon
Here because it looks like videos and looks like a great place to learn



Hey from the US. I fell down the rabbit hole a day ago when I saw a article that a 14 and 9 year old made 30,000 a month mining crypto. I figured if they can do it, I might as well look it up. So here I am looking for help building a rig. I’m in a housing situation where I dont pay for electricity (there’s a limit…but I’ve never gotten close to it) so it seems like I can really capitalize from this. Anyway, I welcome any and all help as I am starting from scratch with little to no experience with computers. :smile:


This is Eddie. Here in Ohio for now. I can’t stand this place. Hopefully going back to Texas next year. I found Vosk YouTube channel very informative and that’s why I’m here.

Eddie (L-10)

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Hi there,

My name is Rau, I’m from New Zealand! Used to trade cryptocurrency for a while but realized it wasn’t for me, I now mint NFTs and enjoy it! I have just started looking into Mining due to Voskcoin YouTube videos popping up in my feed. Wanting to learn more from the community and gain as much knowledge as possible before I buy my first rig In December of this year.

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Just a note to show what someone can do with a Helium miner:
Look at “Dapper Denim Carp”. It’s a Rak setup, looks to be on top of a high rise condo in Miami, FL. It has a transmit scale of .01, there are 59 hotspots in the same building. It’s relayed but makes about 10 HNT a day! ($300). Who wouldn’t like almost 10,000 a month extra for a $500 device!!!
It appears all of his rewards are from witnessing other hotspots. He has NO witnesses…

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Here is another CRAZY amount. I dont see how they are doing it.

One thought was the antenna height being lied about everyone in the huge numbers have the antenna listed as 200 meters or more

Blurry Honeysuckle Shell

and another one

Pet Hickory Shell

So far I have online working 6 days and made a whole $2.15… One Witness has popped up.

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Ok, I just watched a video by VoskCoin and it appears even he did $5000 plus one day. He was elected to the Consensus Group

video here

Hello from the U.S.A. !!

I have been lightly trading crypto for a few years and still hodl some now. I was searching for info on mining and came across Voskcoin videos on youtube. I am brand new to mining and have a ton of questions about where and how to start. Just looking to learn and get comfortable at first but definitely want to take action and jump in! Seems like I came to the right place. Any help or direction greatly appreciated!!

Hey From Hudson, WI. Full time fireman, web developer, anticipatory crypto miner & father to a pretty cool kid. Been following Voskcoin YT for some time. Excited to be on the forums!

So wait a minute, I’ve been emailing somebody at TheVoskArmy@gmail.com about Helium miners. Seems legit but is this really your Mr. Vosk?

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Hello, I’m from Indonesia… Your youtube videos helped me to start mining cryptocurrency a few years ago.

Keep up your great work!!!

I dont think he uses that name TheVoskArmy … I seen it posted on the DisCord but I dont remember the exact email address. To get his attention in a post it is @VoskCoin here and it even tells you it is Drew Vosk when you use the @ for attention.

Howdy, I’m Dennis from Oklahoma. I am a former CPA/CFO type with history around the PC/Server hardware channel and software development. I’m a bit atypical as I am a bit of an inventor with work on several patent applications including on that was granted in the manufacturing space and another that was granted in the app space.

My current interest is in green energy and off grid systems. I got into bitcoin mining a couple weeks ago as I was exploring loads to use that would return ROI for an off grid system. They property I am considering would be occupied a couple month a year. If built, it would not pay off compared to gas/diesel generation, but if built and it mined coins 10 months a year, solar may be indicated with a reasonable payoff.

I have started testing with three older GPU’s mining using Nicehash set up in my kids old gaming computers and am looking for a used 220v ASIC miner like an Antminer S9 as I continue to explore this cool crypto and coins space.

By the way, I love forums! Thanks for providing this one.

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welcome :hugs:

ooff DOES NOT USE GMAIL @rodroch
as far as ive seen/heard

Hello from South Carolina, been a fan of Voskcoin for a while
was into mining back in 2016-2018, life got in the way. Now trying to catchup and start again
Recently found out about this forum, thanks

Great one

Hello, from The Netherlands.
Not so new too crypto but new to the whole mining thing. Been watching Voskcoin YouTube channel for a while love what you are doing :fist:t5:

Vosk! Hello from the uk! I staked the Joe so when the airdrop happens, where will we be able to see the Growth Defi tokens given to us once they arrive? Do I need to add anything extra to my MetaMask for that?

Hello Everybody,

OttoSlingblade, BFE USA.

Finally decided to get off the fence and
embrace the future.

Here to learn and hopefully earn.

Wishing you all happiness and sucess