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Greetings & Salutations.
Finally taking the plunge and getting into mining.
Been working on computers since the 80’s (Showing my age here)
Hopefully all of my linux, unix and windows knowledge will make
this a little easier to process.

Anyone have any thought’s on the MNT Helium Miners going on sale 11/16/2021?


Hey everyone, BartLanz here

Located in NH, USA

I have been mining since February 2021 as a guess. Currently I have a GPU Farm hashing about 1.33 GH/s on Ethermine.

I am an IT guy with 25+ years of experience networking, electronics, system admin, and just about everything else.

I am happy to be here, if you have any questions, I am happy to try and help.

Next step for me is expanding my farm probably with some ASICS.


Hello new here from Canada. Interested in mining HNT

Hello, a lurker from the youtube channel. about to dive head first into crypto mining

Hello, All & Happy Sunday. Getting familiar with the forum and wanted to say “Hi!”

Hi all, and thank for having me on board,
Able to share and learn in the community!
Writing from Portugal.
Started mining just at may2021, but with more then 20 years in IT world managing and implementing larger projets … so was sleeping a lot during the cryto age until then!!! :frowning: Neverthless, i discovered this world that i love now. Mining with GPU’s , Planets and hoping to get helium ans asics soon!! :slight_smile:

Hello! Love the channel!! Hoping to buy some Eth miners to start. What websites are safe to purchase from?

Is this one a scam?

Hello all, came across vosk coin yesterday and already got my pc mining on its cpu. just trying to get a crash course lol but i dont think its very profitable. I have a really outdated hp pc with windows xp haha! im wondering if i can put windows 7 or 10 on it and get a gpu like rx570 or so for now and get that mining for me. Will it work and is it worth it? Or just buy the motherboard and parts to build a rig from scratch As i said i just started learning about this so all advice is appreciated!! Thanks

Hello, sorry if this is not the place (is my first day on vosk talk) I am having problems with my order of bobcat 300 and bobcat is not answering my emails or twitts. Do you guys have any advice ? I’ve been waiting for an answer for the past 10 days.
Thank you !

Beanvader here from the great state of Louisiana. Just start mining a few months ago . Build a rig with 4 rx 580 8gb with each card pushing 32 mh . For a total of 128 mh.
Waiting on my voskcoin mini doge miner to come it.

Would have been better if you just posted what month you purchased in and maybe a good guess would be provided. Example… May 2021 just arriving November 2021… Preorder October 2021 expected FEB 2022

They dont answer emails. Barely answer Tech questions from what I have read on the Discord. you can go the Discord Bobcat section and post there. Sometimes it is answered.

What town or city do you live in or near/

Greetings from Nebraska! For now anyway. Just started into this mining thing about a week ago, with one lowly RTX2060super, mining BTC on NiceHash. It’s slow. BUT! But, I have a pair of S9 units inbound. They’re supposed to be here by Dec14, giving me just enough time to get the 240VAC outlets installed. Hopefully, the PDU will arrive by then.

Vosk, thank you for the videos; being able to see what’s going on from the US perspective has helped a lot. I’d been following a couple of folks from Canada, Israel, and Australia, and they give good infos, but just couldn’t make it click with the US stuff. Same basics, just different perspective, thanks.

Hey all, I’m Brandon from the Minnesota. I’ve a newbie to mining and crypto trading. I’m happy to be part of the community and look forward to learning. :v:t2:

Hi all, nice to be part of the community. Looking forward to getting some tips on mining.
Based in Melbourne, Australia, have a few questions on mining and hoping someone can help?

  1. Not all miners are valid downunder, which is the best to get (passive, quiet, not the major rigs)?
  2. Helium seems to be the way to go, but can you have more than one operating out of the same location, i.e one pointing North and East, the other South and West? Or does it simply split what you would receive for one miner?
    3)If not more than one helium, can you run different quiet miners out of the same location to earn different tokens or is it smarter and more profitable to only run one?
    Anyone who can help will get a million virtual thanks, sorry not a million bitcoin haha

I need some help to start mining in my home. Can you help me.

whats up @Alibm

Hi all, from NY here. Got into mining from Vosk YouTube. Been at it for a couple months now. Learning lots about crypto. Happy mining.

Just realized I never introduced myself. My name is David. I’m from the Houston area. I am a business owner with my wife and I’ve been self employed my whole life. We started investing in Bitcoin 5 years ago.

I completely believe Bitcoin is the answer to all that’s wrong with fiat money and the only way to take some control back from big brother.

We’re building a small Bitcoin farm on an actual farm. Will start at about 1,000Th/s and we will be adding more solar panels to get over 300kw by the end of 2022. We will be using immersion cooling with bitcool and after much research and the desire to build our own tanks from aluminum I have decided to try to purchase them from Engineered fluids. If I can ever get in touch with their sales department. I’ve been trying for 2 weeks now although last week was a holiday week. I’m looking forward to this adventure.

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Just getting interested in crypto buying and have started to learn about mining and think I would like to do mining. But being 72 it is a bit hard to grasp. Then too living in Vietnam might make it difficult. So here we go…!

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