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Hey guys & gals…newbie…hope to get to know everyone.:+1:t4::wave:t3:

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Good Morning, I have been a silent watcher for too long. I joined for tips and tricks and how to make more passive income. I currently have 3 GPU rigs and 1 ASIC running. Just received 3 more ASICS. Just looking to talk to like minded individuals.


Hello from Colorado! New to mining, excited to finally jump in, and join a forum!


Name is Bill. I have been at this for a week learning as much as I can. Thanks for the videos. Ordered my first mining rig today. Anxious to get it here and online. Looking forward to learning from this community.


Hey bill! What rig did you get and why?

The mini doge from goldshell. It looked like a good place to start for a novice.

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How do I get to write in discussion

Hello VoskCointalk members, just signed up to learn more about mining. Also, trying to learn from others so I don’t make the same mistakes. I’m learning the most difficult part of crypto mining is the purchase.

Hello VoskCointalk members. New to crypto miming and generally new to crypto. Been watching lots of Voikcoin videos and trying to learn and start crypto mining. Looking forward to learning from you all

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Hey Vosk, Mrs. Vosk and Tails! Been watching your videos on youtube since November 2020. Just started mining in April 2021 with a single RTX 3090. I’ve since built up to 17 RTX 3090’s(which one is down right now, ugh) and a 16.2 kw solar panel system. I’m getting roughly one new RTX 3090 every other month. Eventually I’ll be getting one a month to add to my farm, with the goal of reaching 100 GPU’s. Currently mining Ethereum for maximum profits. Appreciate all your videos and your view points on everything. (This is not financial advice :wink: ) But seriously, I’m glad you’re around. - Mythic Miner, USA, Iowa

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W2G MythicMiner :+1:t4: :metal:t4:…question…when you were running the single RTX 3090 what was daily profit?

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Hello group. 48 hours ago I did not know what the word crypto mining was. I’m already hooked!

As a solar installer I can see that my experience and skills could prove helpful.

Having previously worked in IT both in the software and hardware spheres I see some transferable skills.

I’m thinking a good place to get started might be with helium mining and installing an antenna way above the barn roof… That’s if I can find a miner!

But I’m starting on a low budget maybe 1-$2,000 so any advice is welcome. Thanks for this great group and blessings to everyone in 2022.

My personal business workstation that I built

I’ll be honest I didn’t track it close enough in the beginning, but I was around $5 a day, and I’m pretty sure I have the gimped GPU cards NVIDIA released, where they lowered the hash rates. I’ve yet to prove it though. My hash rates are all over the place. I figure at today’s Ethereum prices, I’m making around $6.50 a day. I’ve seen as good as $9, but that was short lived.

I’ve hear they are very hard to come by. I myself have purchased a Bobcat Helium miner. I bought it a month ago. The site said it will take 12 to 20 WEEKS to arrive. That’s the biggest thing I’ve heard about when doing research. Some of the companies will sell you a miner, but it will never come. Bobcat has had long waits, but they’re suppose to be good on their word to deliver. We shall see. I personally love researching crypto and seeing where it will go. As far as mining, I started out with Goldshell Box miners. They’re hard to come by, but if you can get one you will be able to run it from any outlet. They only draw about 200-300 watts. So they’ll work on a 15 amp circuit. These are great miners to get started with for people new to cryptocurrency.

Hello Vosk,

Thank you for the wealth of knowledge, I am impressed with your knowledge. Can you hook up a Bobcat miner and a MNTD MINER within 300 yards of each other?

I was contacted with a number for WhatsApp, they were saying it was you. Do you ever contact your subscribers? The WhatsApp number began with 424-431

Hooking up 2 Helium miners within 300 yards is not beneficial. I looking into this yesterday and what I found was that yes, you can hook up 2 miners within 300 yards of one another but… this does not make sense in my opinion from what I have learned. One of your miners would be considered dead on the map, meaning it earns no Helium but will still communicate and transmit. The miner that transmits the shortest distance to the other miner would be the dead one - non-earning miner. The miner that sends a beacon and receives a response over the longer distance would earn the reward.

Having too many miners in a hexagon on the map reduces profits as well, and reduces profits for your neighbors. Check out www.hotspotrf.com. You will see the other Helium miners in your area and will see what their profitability scores are 0-1, 1 being the best.

Hey all!!

I’m from Australia

Looking into starting mining for passive income because crypto trading is too volatile and I made a heap, and then lost it all! I used to own a full bitcoin but sent it to Mirror trading international with my mate and we both got scammed and lost them! So learnt the hard way!

Considering buying 2 Avalon 1246s… but the problem is over in Australia our max draw from a house is 10KW and each of those is 3.5KW. So I’d only be able to get 2 as hot water service is 3KW. We’ve just applied for 10KW solar system to pay for day usage. Electricity is so expensive here at about 28cAUD per hour, so calculated to run 2 avalon miners would cost $16 total a day in Electricity but generate $68AUD profit. Wondering whether I should go for a S19PRO ($21K AUD) for double the price of the 1246 instead, and then mine some other coins or things with the other 3500KW. Any thoughts?


Thanks :slight_smile:

Ok…thanks for that bit of info.:+1:t4:

Hello from Wales, UK
Quick Question for the group.

Does anyone know where to buy an ISIC miner to be delivered to UK, some places I see the prices are so low that I wonder if they are a SCAM.

I am interested on this one: Goldshell KD2

Thank you in advance for your help…