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What up- glad to finally be here. That discobot is brutal :joy:


Hi my name is Norm and I am very new to mining. I have been using Nicehash on a PC with a GPU card and I need to get to the next step; so I am building (with some help) a small GPU rig to get my feet wet. The VoskCoin videos on Youtube are totally amazing and that is what got me into mining. However, the electric rates on Long Island USA are out of sight so this is going to be a hobby for me for now. Anyway so thank you for the videos and insight; I will keep watching. By way of background I am an economist and a 9/11 survivor.

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Do you still need asic miners?

Hey fam, my name is Bobby and I’m relatively new to the crypto world. I have been researching and playing around with little trades for about six months but after watching voskcoin YouTube channel daily for about a month now, I’ve been inspired to build a open air GPU rig. My first ever so I’m sure I’ll be coming here a lot to ask questions during the build. So far I’ve got the frame built, CPU on my motherboard, CPU cooler, and RAM. I would imagine in the next few weeks I’ll have the rig complete with at least two or three gpu’s while I save to get the rest. But just wanted to introduce myself and say I feel lucky to have a place like this to be a part of. Oh, one more thing, in the most recent video it was mentioned there was a giveaway for one of the limited edition voskcoin goldshell miner but I could find where the link was to enter. If someone could let me know I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks


Nevermind, lol. It’s literally on a video I just watched. Thank you again

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Hi Bobby, welcome to the world of crypto! Congrats on diving in and building your own mining rig. It’s very exciting so have fun with it! Just be mindful of the 80% rule so you don’t overload any circuits. The math for the 80% rule is pretty simple. For example, if a circuit is rated for a maximum of 30 amps, it shouldn’t carry more than 24 amps continuously (30 x .08 = 24)

You can reach out to me with any questions if you like. I’ve built out a 165 GPU mining farm before moving completely to ASIC mining. Also, if you have any questions about ASIC mining I can try to help out as well. Happy mining!!

Thank you for the advice. I’m a union electrician so I know about the 80% rule. But yea man I’m way stoked to get this thing up and going. I’m sure I’ll be coming here to ask questions as it is my first rig. Thanks for reaching out man

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I’m an electrician as well. Guys like us have a huge advantage when it comes to supplying power to mining equipment :+1:t3:


When helium switched over to the Solana network, I had to “migrate” to another wallet.

There was an option to to mint NFTs, which I did, and my miner showed up.

Thinking it was just a cute picture, I sent the NFT to my solana wallet (Trust Wallet).

Little did I know the NFT was more than just a picture, it was proof of ownership.

I should be able to just see the NFT in my Trust Wallet and send it back, but I don’t see it.

I also don’t see the NFT on OpenSea when I connect my wallet to them, but the wallet address I sent the NFT to does appear as “owner” on the helium website.

So now, I can’t collect my mining rewards, because the miner won’t show up in my helium wallet (or any wallet).

What should I do?

Good luck! This is a definitely a great hobby to be in (I’m addicted just too broke to expand right now) what electric rate do you have?

Not good, 12.66 kw/hr

Hi happy to be here almost get scammed via telegram preteding to be Drew for some advices about the setting up and stuff… Actually based in South Africa

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Mr_Ohhhh mining from Southern California…where electrical rates are sky high lol.

Glad to have found this forum full of miner enthusiast, home-miners, and ALL-IN miners.


Plenty of all of em! Nice to see new members here!


hello i am Wayne i live in Bunbury western Australia’ i been interested in crypto for a wile and decided to go for the plunge and go for the big guns ie asics i presently brought 3 used asics 2 of which are antminer L3+ from eBay my third asic is a antminer s9j 14.5th/s from eBay

crypto i have are eth litecoin (LTC) nano (XNO)And banano(BAN) That is a fork of nano) and Ananos (ANA) That is A fork of banano
and horizon (zen)

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Happy mining from Michigan all!

Recently decided to start purchasing mining equipment now that miners aren’t $4,000+ lol. I am exploring different rigs to mine different coins and holding to sell on major swings up; and looking into making my own silencing box so I can leave some s9 miners at work lol. As my day job I run the networking infrastructure and hardware for a warehouse/corporate office + storefronts across the US and I also swing trade stocks and stock options (when networking things aren’t on fire).
In the little spare time I do get I mostly try to learn more and/or ride and rebuild motorcycles.

Oh and a big shoutout to Mr. Vosk for all the free and open information; thank you, YOU ROCK!

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Hello :wave: everyone.
Am new to the platform.
Want to know how it works.

Welcome to all the new members!


Hi I’m from South Africa

From which website it’s safer to buy my hhd space evergreen mining

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