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Hello from North-Central North Carolina USA! Total Newbie to ALL of this. Voskcoin has been one of the best ways for me to learn. Looking forward to learning, and making some friends. PEACE!

P.S. Just received my official VoskCoin t-shirt in the mail! LOVE IT!!!

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Hi, I’m Arji

I know about mining since back 2015 but I stop because my parents didnt support me about it and now here I am back to the start.


i was wondering since Tails name has come up from time to time . Wouldnt it be time for a "TAILS " Coin?

Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya.
I was very much interested by a video you posted a month ago and got me here to a community forum extraordinaire. Crypto is completely new in this neck of the hood and how to invest is even unbelievable. Very excited to learn from this community and expand my investment portfolio to the next generation currencies of the future.
Asante. (Thank you).


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Hi, I’m from Indonesia, I want to learn in this forum. Thank you. :grin:

Hi all the way from South Africa

hi robert from nigeria, i still dont get here .what is neded to be done
1, how to stake
2, Mining

this is just a public forum centered around similar topics found on the Voskcoin YouTube channel it is open to the public so do your own research before investing

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